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    Viz Media Europe To Distribute Yo-Kai Watch Anime

    Already announced as Nintendo.
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    Defective or Disappointing UK Anime Discs

    Netfix has decent subtitle support because they got sued over it under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), by one of the major groups representing deaf/ hard of hearing Americans. Surprised how US distributors get away with not having to have dubtitles for the English track on all their...
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    Nelvana's Cardcaptor's dub: Opinions

    The edit to the title says enough, they was only one cardcaptor in the original. Hate, due to the edits, tries to rewrite the show to escape almost every relationship it depicts. The anime already tones down the subtext compared to the manga.
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    UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

    Re: UK Anime Distributor Representative: MVM Q&A Thread It did badly on it's (botched) release in the USA... but well enough in Australia for them to have got the second season (unlike america). So look at how it did in Australia and ignore how it performed in the USA. For the US release it...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    That being Animax (the East Asian one), not Animax UK.
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    Summer Streaming Announcements...

    Which is blocked here, is this a glitch or not? God I hate services like this that don't clearly state regional restrictions.
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    General News/Current Affairs Thread

    How about we accept that the crimean war has ended and simply scrap it altogether and fund councils centrally based on population. Giving rich areas better services s a bad thing. Naturally you'd need to increase VAT or income tax to compensate, but they're at least tied to your means to pay...
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    Recommendable J-RPGs

    Dragon Quest isn't a good recommendation here though. Never going to be on PS3. The series is published by Nintendo outside of Japan.
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    Age ratings in magazines.

    Dojinshi must be censored just like any other manga under japanese law. (the censoring doesn't have to be that much) Comiket has submission deadlines well ahead of the event entirely to give time for everything to be checked by censor. (they've had problems in the past) R18 manga must clearly...
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    Recommendable J-RPGs

    You regard Disgaea as RPG? It's more a turn based strategy. Also the level cap isn't that low. You just play the grinding level with your grinding gear equipped and vote to raise the enemies level as needed it's quite fast. For the PS3: The Atelier games are generally good (Rorona less so), Ni...
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    how to draw manga books

    the highest regarded one is this It's shoujo specific, and not aimed at total beginners. It should be noted that this assumes you can get proper...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    The announcement is simply "契約更新!" google translate, gives it as contract renewal. i.e. more, but no news on what form it will take yet; which is what the twitter sounds like.
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Those are OVA's (totally standalone) The to Love Ru ones are OAD's (bundled with a special edition of the manga) They have different producers, which means they may need to be licensed from a different company (and might only be available to Viz Media).
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    League of Legends

    Too many times it's a server problem causing you to miss them having called the lane, if this happens queue dodge. (it's not DOTA 2 there isn't that much of a penalty unless it's a promotion game, 90 second delay on joining queue for first offence). In EU there are no proper mid heroes...
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    League of Legends

    odd, most of the more experienced players I know hate the late game and love laning. Draft pick resolves most of the lane calling problems, if only by giving enough time to discuss it when a conflict arises. Team captain practically has to pick top or jungle, and picking mid lane is a game of...