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    We're showing it at the con on Saturday morning :P
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    Who remembers Starfleet (X-bomber)?

    I'm pretty sure that's Starcom your thinking of, the most popular toy from which was the StarMax Bomber which is probably what's putting you off.
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    The SOS Brigade needs you!

    Already have the US LE's myself and i have to say as the UK version will be the same as the US ones they are worth every penny! The show is great, the extras are entertaining and the bonus items and the quality of the packaging cant be beaten.
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    Trigun/Trigun Maximum question ... oduct.html There you go, hard to tell because the lack of a volume no. but thats the cover of vol 2
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    Trigun/Trigun Maximum question

    Yes you do. They're actually the same series but because the original publisher went bust and still owned the name it had to be continued under another name so what became Trigun Maximum vol 1 should actually have been Trigun vol 4
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    Black Lagoon delayed 'till 10th March; Love Hina Again clips

    Its a classic in the making so i have no doubt that in the future it will be considered essential viewing
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    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

    Most of the French was done by Jean-Jaques Burrell who done the music for the show but some was done by the Japaneses cast as was the Italian, i cant speak for the French but an Italian friend of mine said the Italian was as near perfect as can be expected from a non native Italian speaker
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    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

    In fairness this is a special case because its not currently available in english, although normallly i'd agree. Trust me you really don't! I'm not an anti dub fanatic by any means but this is one show where the dub is very badly done, the characters are badly cast and in a few cases are so...
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    Death Note on, as well as Ex Machina, Lupin the 3rd

    It will be Manga they talked about it in the past plus the two disk set is their way of doing things now
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    Illegal Downloaders to be Banned from Internet

    Never going to happen! Its simple business, 1, it will be too costly to monitor this to see who's doing what 2, access to public information is guaranteed in both UK and EU human rights information 3 the most important thing if the ISP's enforce this they are throwing away paying...
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    LoveFilm taking over Amazon's DVD rental business

    Well the good thing about Amazon is if you have trouble with one of their agents or another business operating through their site all you do is contact amazon and they sort it out for you, they are very good for that so if anything does go wrong you should be ok.
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    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

    Such a great show one of my favorites. I doubt it will be released in the UK at this stage because if anyone was going to release it they probably would have by now. I was lucky enough to get the really nice R1 boxset that Geneon released before they withdrew from the DVD market (it was...
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    Advent Children: Roses or rubbish?

    While everything you said is true it was still a flop, not in that it done badly but in that it didnt do as well as its producers had hoped. Yes it was the biggest selling anime dvd of the year but if you compare the sales figures for it to the big hollywood blockbusters that it was intended...
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    Need to free up HDD space - What to watch first?

    Delete Gundam Seed Destiny and spare yourself the pain!
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    ADV Films UK halt sale & distribution of select titles

    No it wasnt a glitch, a glitch would have been sorted in a day or so however they have now made a statement ... e-update-2 Im inclinced to believe this is a licensing glitch more than a financial thing. If as some have suggested they realised they...