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    Got any spare rooms?

    Lol theres a long and humerous backstory to ocarina and kyon involving lots of weirdness that only gets stranger the more people retell of it :) long story short it involves kyon possibly being a sentient cake and lots of other strangeness that may or may not result in the end of the world...
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    Got any spare rooms?

    Ocarina told me just before she deplayed her last kyon trap :)
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    Got any spare rooms?

    his full title is: The Incredible indecipherable Imaginary Senor Cake but kyon is easier to remember so... :)
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    Got any spare rooms?

    Nah thats his alter ego :)
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    Got any spare rooms?

    It's Ken Yon isnt it? :)
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    Must read manga.

    It's highly possible some of the omited stuff from railgun will beused in the second season due in japan this spring though so i wouldnt say its a bad adaptation untill we know for sure. Claymore is a series i'd recommend though only if your into action type stories with strangely powered...
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    I read the first 4 a few years back i think i may start again once the omnibus volumes start later in the year(viz announced they plan to do them in the late summer/autumn. Not a bad series and hopefully it carries on past the stage the anime series ended as it seemed like an interesting new...
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    New Anime Releases 25/02/2013

    I'll wait until they get upto the boxset covering episode 299-300 of bleach since it slots between those episodes and is the only bleach movie that's tied into continuity. Not sure when manga will get to those episodes but at least by then this movie will be nice and cheap :)
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Which volumes does that book cover? i have the first 10 from the series so if it covers beyond that i may start collecting from there.
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    It's in the old section where neo used to be, we decided to just make a tunnel to it instead of trying to divert the flow this way and risk a stage 5 escape again(i think we all remember the last one).
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    NEO Magazine Forum - Secrets of An Admin

    I agree they obviously didnt care about our views on such things as the placement of the ads(right next to the merchandise reviews section). they even as much as jumped to defend TT when a very nice member of the hong kong customs counterfeit department tried to help them with the issue on...
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    NEO Magazine Forum - Secrets of An Admin

    To be honest i decided to become an admin purely to give cud a hand since for some dumbassed reason they made just him admin of the sinking ship(or at least they gave him some of the admin tools) so i offered hima hand and suggested shadowcat come help since he sorta knows his way around that...
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    Neo Magazine Forums Closing

    He said he'd drop by eventually so no doubt at some point he'll show up probably after he deems himself "fashionably late" enough lol
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    General Cartoons Thread

    Other than occasional reruns of Simpsons(does channel 4 still own the rights to show new episodes or is it just reruns they still own?), American Dad(love this show but havent seen new epiosde for a coupel of years now) and Family Guy(not as good as it was but still funny ) the only other none...