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Thousand Master

Galuna Island Arc:
First major arc focusing on Gray! Admittedly was one of my top favourite arcs but after this rewatch it's not as a high, but I do love the whole Island setting and the obvious insight into Gray's past.

Phantom Lord Arc:

Lucy's turn. Master Jose was a pretty decent villain, we got some more develop for secondary characters like Elfman and of course introduction of Gajeel and Juvia! Also get to see Makarov flex his muslces and the two dragon slayers fight! Arc more than held up!

Tower of Heaven Arc:
Erza's turn! Full of emotion this arc for sure. Another one definitely held up too.

Battle of Fairy Tail Arc:
Are you 80 too?!?

Laxus makes this arc. I guess he had to for it to work, the showdown in the church totally worth everything getting to that point.

O. Seis Arc
Oh boy where to start with this one? So so so good like way better than I remember it now might be my second favourite arc. They had a such a good theme. Most of them where defeated in pretty cool and unique ways! Plus Wendy! And Jellal stuff was gold.

Up next Edolas!


Straw Hat Pirate
Bang Dream S2 ep 2

Heating up already.

The Quintessential Quintuplet ep 1

This is what I was looking for, a fresh school harem without superpowers and the likes, they are so rare these days.
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Girly Air Force episode 1 I’ll give this the three episode rule. It wasn’t very good though may get better...maybe.

Dimension W episodes 1-12 (Complete. A sci-fi anime with some impressive arcs- the “haunted house” one for instance. I liked how the series kept itself interesting and varied throughout. I’ll admit though the antagonist in the final arc wasn’t that great. Kind of a shame it’ll probably be resigned to this 12 episode series and likely won’t see a season 2.) 4/5
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Mad Scientist
Kemono Friends eps 5 & 6
One of the Friends finally points out the obvious, but also says something about "avoiding being annihilated"!

Girly Air Force ep 1
Darling in the FranXX: the lost scripts!?
Zero Two is back! And this time she's a horny airplane AI?PS_Messages_20190111_010358.jpg

The Quintessential Quintuplets ep 1
Seems like it might be fun, although as they're Quintuplets there is no variety of body shape. Weird hang up I know, but as the shape they went for is too well endowed in the breast department for me it's a bit off putting, so therefore the imouto wins by default, although loli's probably too far the other way. Personality wise Yotsuba seems to be the best so far, although looks like the Manga readers have her plumb last in terms of members favourites on MAL.


Magical Girl
The Promised Neverland episode 1 - They broke me on the first episode...

BanG Dream Season 2 episode 2 - Nicely tied into the game here with a visit to the CiRCLE livehouse and a cameo from Marina. Some of the wacky humour from PICO also made it's way into this series which is nice to see.
Chu2 from RAISE A SUILEN makes an appearance! Seems they'll gradually introduce the new band over this series before giving them more focus in Season 3.
Sound! Euphonium episodes 1-7

Sound! Euphonium Shorts episodes 1-4


Thousand Master
Run With The Wind episode 12

Girly Air Force episode 1
Three episode rule for this, but did feel a bit FranXX-ish

Meiji Tokyo Renka
episode 1
A bit crap but might pick up


A Certain Magical Index III episode 14 Touma perfects his falcon punch.

Boogiepop and Others episode 3 A pretty good end to the first arc.

Date A Live III episode 1 it’s been a hot minute since I watched II but this was decent enough, though the animation does appear to have taken a budget cut.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind episode 14 Eating a hard banana and getting old whilst waking up feeling so horny.

Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan episodes 1-12 (Complete. Some cool concepts albeit with rather archetypal characters and arcs-The MC is a scatterbrained blabbermouth, her teammates are a cold b*tch whose heart is slowly melted by others, the comedic rival, the antisocial one with no energy etc.

Asides from that the whole dragon fighter jet concept was pretty neat, and fairly well explored-looking into the bonds between each of the dragons and their pilots. The comedy also got a chuckle out of me in places. There were also some poignant moments of bonding between the pilots that fleshed out the characters beyond their archetypes.

I did find that the relationship drama towards the end felt lacklustre, I then realised the series was written by Mari Okada who also handled Kiznavier’s even more clunky relationship-focused climax. At least here it’s played more for laughs in places. Despite its drawbacks this was a decent series, and the ED was quite the ear worm.) 3.5/5
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Magical Girl
Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka episode 1 - Well that was kinda meh. Dropped

Boogiepop and Others episode 3 - Makes much more sense now. I think I may just leave this series on hold just so I can watch it all in one go since it's probably a series more suited to binge watching when you can actually focus.

Professor Irony

AUKN Staff
Ultimate Teacher (1988)

Despite my hazy recollection of Helen McCarthy giving it a bad review, I quite enjoyed this. Ostensibly the story of an escaped mutant who appoints himself the new head of an out of control school, and the demure gang leader who stands in his way, it's really just a vague outline on which to hang an hour's worth of Airplane-style sight gags and general lowbrow silliness. It runs out of steam a bit at the end, but it's an endearing romp with some good comic timing. Randomly, it also turns out that I'm already following the original manga's author on twitter.


Straw Hat Pirate
Boogiepop and Others ep 3

Nothing unexpected, it was so slow on ep 1/2 that it didn't feel confusing aside from telling characters apart.

Seriously, what's up these character designs, art and animation in general? this is overlord bad, I was expecting more madhouse.

A Certain Magical Index III ep 14

No op, arc finished.
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Dragon Slayer

Stand User
Bloom Into You (English Dub) Episode 12

Goblin Slayer (English Dub) Episode 10

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight (English Dub) Episode 10

Boogiepop and Others Episode 3
Last weeks episodes are finally making sence now. Just a tad annoying that the events so for are the wrong way around.

Circlet Princess Episode 1
Getting a lot of Asterisk War vibes from this, but a decent start regardless.

Date A Live III Episode 1
Pretty much the same dating shenanigans as the first two seasons.

Dimension High School Episode 1
Very different from the norm, at least the premise is unique, but the CGI tho... Ughh.

Girly Air Force Episode 1
Darling in the FranXX - Air Force Edition. Welcome back, Zero 2.

The Price of Smiles Episode 2
That didn't take long for things to escalate, that ending tho...

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 1
A good clean rom-com without the typical BS you get from series like this. I'm definitely going to enjoy this.


Death Scythe
Daltanious: Robot of the Future - Episodes 11 - 13

Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers 2 - Episode 7

The Price of Smiles - Episodes 1 & 2

A fairly standard setup but I've quite enjoyed these first couple of episodes.


Bermuda Triangle: Colourful Pastrale episode 1 A mermaid themed SoL with Spongebob physics? I’ll give it a go.

ENDRO! episode 1 This seems pretty generic, another one for the three episode rule.

Fairy Tail: Final Season episode 291 I’m trying to work out just how spoilerly the OP is based on my memories of reading this final section of the manga.

Grimms Notes: The Animation episode 1 This seems alright so far, will see how the series plays out.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War episode 1 This was alright, wasn’t as enthused with it as others have been. Another for the three episode pile.

Radiant episode 15 The more this arc unfolds the more pissed I am that they stuck three episodes of shite filler before it. A lot of people probably jumped ship and therefore are missing out on a really solid and dark arc.

Drifters episodes 1-12 (Complete. Violent, bloody and very enjoyable, with some rather whacky comedy that sometimes feels out of place and other times was rather funny. This was from the same mangaka behind Hellsing and it shows in the humour and stylish violence.

Though not as good as Hellsing this is still shaping up to be another worthy franchise- if they make another season that is. Someday I’ll watch the OVAs to get another fix.) 4/5