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Fate/Extra: Last Encore episode 13 (Complete) - I have no idea what's going on but it looks cool I guess. I'll give the original Fate/Extra a look as well since I've heard it has some of the better writing in the Fate series. I just hope it makes more sense. 6/10

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime episode 6

Anima Yell! episode 5
Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc ep 5
Trying to gather troops to take back Orléans.

Tsurune ep 3
Trying to help Minato overcome his problem.

Trying to imagine what the ex-boyfriend of each girl would be.

Honda-san ep 5
Trying to answer customers inquiries earnestly.
Golden Kamuy's art has taken a weird turn:

Talking of:
Golden Kamuy s2 e5
Trying to rescue Shiraishi . Ah the old Hoth trick!
Rather moving scene with Sugimoto and Aspira at the end there.
Ace Attorney 2nd Season (Dub) episode 26 A phantom thief?

Black Clover episode 57 Making deals with dire consequences.

Jingai-San no Yome episode 6 I have no idea why I’m still watching this, it’s like a fever dream.

Run with the Wind episode 6 Cool T-shirts.

Tokyo Ghoul: re 2nd Season episode 5 So they skipped the lab infiltration arc by making it pointless here asides from that this was the only good episode we’ve had so far, if only the series could keep to this quality. They really did the Touka-Hinami-Akira material justice, and considering how important it was to the overall story I’m glad they nailed it.

Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace Pretty damn barmy but not necessarily in a good way. This is easily one of the worst serials from the B&W era, but it still has its merits. Troughton and Hines are just settling into their roles nicely and the supporting cast-particularly Joseph Hürst’s Professor Zaroff are very hammy. On the DVD we get episodes 2 and 3 as they were recovered, but 1 and 4 comprise of audio and off-air clips. The result is mixed and pictures stay onscreen for far too long. It makes following the story rather confusing at times. 2.5/5

The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments episodes 7-12
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Bloom into You (English Dub) episodes 1-2 - Decided to give the dub a go and it's been pretty good so far.

Three Leaves, Three Colors episodes 1-3 - Since this is likely to leave Crunchyroll soon I'll try to get this done. Yet another Kirara series that I'm likely to enjoy.

Golden Kamuy Season 2 episode 5

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 episode 5 - Well one of my favourite arcs in the series was completely skipped over. The second half with Touka, Hinami and Akira really is one of the better parts of the series so far so at least there's that I guess.
The Girl in the Twilight episode 6
I only really watch this because the platform its on and the timeslot make it convenient to watch during my dinner hour.

Run with the Wind episode 6
I do actually like this one.

Jingai-san no Yome episode 6
I honestly don't know why I'm still watching this. If it was any longer I'd've dropped it ages ago, but I think because its so short it's like a pallet cleanser between shows. Even though it's a 4-panel manga, it would've worked much better in the standard 24 minute episode format as a fleshed-out series. Azumanga Daioh and K-On were both 4-panel mangas which worked better full length.
Porco Rosso (sub)
Finally the next Ghiblicast is up.
There's lot I like about this: the action, the comedy and the hint of an interesting backstory and romance, but it never seems to blend them well together. I would have also have liked more of Porcos story explained (why is he a pig?) and more of the romance stuff and made the rivalry with Curtis more earned. The Milan section really slows it all down and only seems to be there to introduce Fio who could have turned up to fix his plane at where he lives.

Hakumei and Mikochi eps 2 & 3
So this seems to be a series of short stories that aren't necessarily connected. The overall feeling is that this is a nice show. Not quite as funny or comfy as Yuru Camp, but nice.


Student Council President
Now that I've finished binge watching My Hero Academia... back to the shows I'm currently watching! :D

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episodes 4, 5 & 6
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san Episode 4

In Another World with My Smartphone (English Dub) Episode 5—12 (Complete) (Blu-ray)
A decent series. 3/5 for me.

As Between the Sky and Sea (Sub) Episode 6

As Miss Beelzebub Likes (Sub) Episode 5
Another cute episode. Baking sweets for the one you love.

My Sister, My Writer (Sub) Episode 5
Beach episode. Those cliches, so cliche.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Sub) Episode 6
Another really good episode. Totally saw that Time Reset coming after last weeks conclusion. The confession scene was quite emotional and really well done. The classroom scene with Mai and Sakuta, that was adorable.
Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai episode 6 Resetting to make the right choices.

RErideD: Derrida who Leaps through Time episode 10 A disturbing experiment this week.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments episodes 13-24 (Complete. Amnesia plot line asides this was another fun season. Even if it feels a bit typical as a shonen the characters and world building execute the more tropey material nicely. Guess it’s onto the manga until season 3 comes out.) 4/5

The Slayers: Try episodes 1-13
I rated this as "very good" on MAL, but I did have a couple of reservations. The first is little Kun's voice: from the first time he opened his mouth, I just couldn't see that voice coming out of that character. (I'm talking about the original Japanese here; can't comment on the dub yet.)

At first I thought "Oh. Maybe he's supposed to be older than I realised." But no, the character's supposed to be four years old. It felt miscast for me, and I never quite managed to adjust to it for the whole length of the film.

I also felt like some of the film would be on the scary side for youngsters, especially towards the climax. This view was also echoed in a review of the film on a magazine page attached to a pin board in the cinema. I now understood what some members of the Scotland Loves Anime audience meant when they suggested the film's tone was inconsistent across its runtime. The audience at the screening I was at did include children, though, and none of them seemed to bat an eye at the darker moments, so... maybe not, then.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
I bought this in CEX some time ago for only 50p, and it's surprisingly decent! I was expecting Hollywood action sci-fi by numbers, but it's actually more interesting than that. A pleasant surprise, and a minor revelation.

I'm going to be a while working my way through the whole of this two-disc set: the main feature disc includes umpteen commentary tracks, and the bonus DVD contains something like forty days' worth of extras giving an in-depth look at the making of the film.

It's still not anime, though.

I also had my annual rewatch of Akira before bonfire night.
A bit more of a serious tone as an argument kicks off between the former idols of different generations. We also find out how 2 of the members died, one of them is hilarious in its ridiculousness.

Tokyo Ghoul:re s2 e5
Hug it out.

Bunny-Girl Senpai ep 6
Really good episode to end the second arc, I wonder what the next phenomenon will be?The girl that they met at the end has the same name as the girl who Sakuta met before and had a crush on, so I wonder if that's related.
Banana Fish episode 18 Well I’m curious to see what happens next.

Merc StoriA: The Apathetic Boy and the Girl in a Bottle episode 5 Yuu grows some more.

Zombieland Saga episode 6 Zappity-zap-zap! Some tragic backstories and more arguing this week.

The Slayers: Try episodes 14-26 (Complete. Consistent with the previous seasons and offering some new characters and plot ideas, overall I like this franchise, but don’t hold as much love for it as others. Will get around to seasons 4 and 5 in time.) 3.5/5

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Film) A visually unique film that weaves a tale that takes its time to be told. The film is a slow burn that isn’t afraid to tackle some serious topics and kept me engaged, because of the story but mainly because of the art style. I also found the ending to be poignant but effective. This is certainly one of Studio Ghibli’s more intriguing releases, and a worthy one to add to any collection. 4/5