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Re:Creators ep2

Still on the fence about this one. It picked up a lot towards the end of the episode, but the bulk of it does little to counter my fears that the show is a good underlying idea let down by some very ordinary execution.
My Hero Academia season 2 episode 3 (16).
Attack On Titan season 2 episode 3 (28).
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul episode 2.
Clockwork Planet episode 2.
Re:Creators episode 2.


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Sakura Quest-Episode 3

This remains pretty good-ish. Interested to see how they make it last for two cours.

Shimoneta-Episodes 10-12



Look forward to my review in the coming days. Who knows which way I'll swing?
SAO ordinal scale. A great film and has a lot of what I like about the series.the story could have been a bit tighter as well as the pacing. The animation is top notch and we get more of More Kirito X Asuna which is always welcome. Looking forward to owning the BD. 8/10


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Shakugan no Shana III episodes 15-24 (Overall series complete. That was rather enjoyable, though the second season lags somewhat with the whole BLT angle (bizarre love triangle), I found SnS to be a solid shounen, with decent leads and side characters. The last season managed to change things up with the dynamics of the characters, and the final battle was fun. The series is available cheaply via SAVE editions as well for those who are interested)
Season 1 4/5, season 2 3.5/5, season 3 4/5

Boruto: Naruto next Generations episode 3
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Evangelion 1.11 Wow that was something, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was a nice way to rewatch Evangelion in a more condensed format. Loved the effects as well. Man do I ever feel for Shinji, and consider me part of the crowd that really likes this film 4.5/5


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Monogatari series: Second Season (Japanese audio) - Episodes 17-20

Onimonogatari arc now watched. All that's left is to get Koimonogatari and Hanamonogatari.