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Berserk s3 ep 1-2. Did Guts just get trolled by Griffith? In any case this season is looking like an interesting role reversal between hero and villain.

Eromanga-sensei ep 1. Meh.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation s3 ep 14. This glasses guy is getting on my nerves.


And you thought there is never a Grav online
Attack on Titan [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 3
Berserk [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 3
My Hero Academia [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 3


Captain Karen
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My Hero Academy Season 2-Episode 3

I am so looking forward to next week's episode. It's going to be super interesting.

Attack on Titan Season 2-Episode 3


Granblue Fantasy-Episode 3

I'm not sure if I caught the other two episodes on a bad day or something, but I found this episode much more enjoyable for reasons I cannot place.

Eromanga-Sensei-Episode 2

Megumi is kind of amazing.


Captain Karen
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Bleach-Episode 352

Shimoneta-Episode 5

Alice and Zouroku-Episode 3

Kind of bizarre watching Shimoneta and Alice and Zouroku back to back. Despite both being JC Staff, they couldn't be further apart.
Finally found some time to try a few of the new shows this season.

Will definitely continue
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (ep. 1) - When you hear those first few sentences, you know it's going to be another great season :D
Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen (ep. 1-2)

Anonymous Noise (ep. 1) - Quite a lot happened in the first episode, curious to see which direction to story takes.
Shuumatsu (ep. 1) - Not really sold on the setting and story, but I liked the narrative and pacing.
Sakura Quest (ep. 1-2) - Solid start, nothing more to say.


Clockwork Planet (ep. 1-2) - I like gears and clockworks, they're cool, but turns out you can overuse them. A button on a gear?! Quite a few displays instead of dials? Gears slapped on everything without every seeing them turn (in RyuZU's hair and on Marie's car) I get it, they are just a gimmick and decorative, but that's such a shame.
The Silver Guardian (ep. 1-3) - It's quite bad, but somehow a bit enjoyable. I also managed to get through Cheating Craft so I'll manage.
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Airlines ep2

The flashy op/ed sequences probably helped, but I enjoyed this one more than the first episode. Most of the male cast seem involved in a contest to see who can look the most languid, but Nina is an engaging main character at least.
I feel so guilty, a nice 4 days easter weekend off work, and barring seeing friends for most of the day on friday and family for most of the day on sunday, all I've done is watch Naruto Shippuden. 34 episodes in 4 days (up to 169) covering
the last couple of episodes of Itachi Pursuit Arc, Tale of Jirayai the Gallant, Fated Battles between Brothers, and all but 4 episodes of Pain Assault Arc
I'm loving it atm, so easy to binge watch episodes, might go for one more Arc over the next week or so and see how I feel about whether I need a break or not...


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Working my way through March comes in like a lion. It's really good. Not the style of series that I'm used to seeing from SHAFT either.

Also cool that YUKI returned for this for OP 2 after Honey and Clover all those years ago.