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Mad Scientist
Mobile Suit Gundam ep 22-23. Thanks for the spoilers, Mr Next Episode Narrator person. That said, Matilda's death was strangely anti-climactic. If it hadn't been spoiled I would probably be doubting it had even happened.

If you read / have read the Origin manga, personally I feel it's handled much better there.


Dragon Knight
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 - Episode 22 [Final]

I've enjoyed watching Unicorn again but I preferred it in its original OVA format.

Thunderbolt Fantasy - Episode 1

An awesome opening episode, really looking forward to seeing more of this.


Captain Karen
Spice and Wolf-Episodes 7-10

I'm very much enjoying the fact that these episodes have been far less plot intense than the first 6, it allows for more time dedicated to the best bit of the show; the characters.

Shaman King-Episodes 10-12

Hoorah, it looks like the tournament is starting to get going soon! I was getting a touch bored due to the plot meandering a bit but hopefully it's going to get on track now.
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Mad Scientist
Digimon: The Movie

I feel like a teenage girl on the internet who cannot even...

Maybe this was not the best introduction I could have picked to Digimon, or Hosoda for that matter...


Za Warudo
Baccano! - Episodes - 12 -15 - What a wonderful series Baccano! is, I'm not a massive fan of the bonus episodes but they're still great, but the main series is just fantastic, glad I decided it was time for a re-watch. No idea what to watch next, seeing Lemon post about Spice and Wolf has me thinking that's what I'll go for next as I bought the BDs on here.

Mob Psycho 100 - Episode 10 - Something about this episode felt kind off to me, no idea what it was though. Still, entertaining enough for me.


Captain Karen
Spice and Wolf-Episodes 11-13 (Complete)

Brilliant series, even if it was marred by a shaky start plot wise, the relationship between Lawrence and Holo and the brilliant second arc really brought it back up for me. Excited to see Season 2. If they manage to maintain a good plot like the 2nd arc here, that weaves character and story well, and pulls off a good finale, it could very easily become a favourite of mine, I reckon. Before I go on to S2 though, I'll take a brief break and watch something else.

Shaman King-Episodes 13-16

Now that the tournament has begun, this has gotten a lot more interesting.
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Captain Karen
No Game No Life-Episodes 1-4

I am totally in love with the concept of this show. The potential for the games and how varied, different and fun they can be is very exciting. The chess game in episodes 3 and 4 was excellent. I was thinking my lack of chess knowledge might leave me confused but that soon went out the window. These first 4 episodes were definitely setting up, so I'm quite excited to see what's to come.

Shaman King-Episodes 17 and 18


Dandy Guy, in Space
So i decided to dig through my collection and rewatch something old so i settled on Persona 4 the Animation. I do remember enjoying this when i watched it before playing thr game years ago...

And it holds up damn well as a rewatch. I think i enjoyed it more after playing the game. The use of the games music hypes perfectly and seeing top end personas is a thrill. The way they got the plot in is also very unusually good for a video game adaption.

I'd rate it a solid 8. The only annoying thing is the weird lower face shading on all the characters.

And yes, my hype for Persona 5 is burning hot as $£€¥ right now heh


Captain Karen
No Game No Life-Episodes 5-8

That episode in the library was fantastic, and I just love Jabril. I'm also really liking the humour in this show, a lot of it's sex based, but it never feels too in your face, a few moments aside. I'm excited to see the match against the warbeasts, although I have no idea what was going on with Shiro at the end of that episode.

Shaman King-Episode 19

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable-Episode 25

Another good episode. Only in JoJo can you say you saw a Photograph steal an arrow and then fly away on a bird. One thing I'll say is that I think they probably revealed Kira's new face a little too soon. A bit of a build up or mystery would've been nice.
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Dandy Guy, in Space
Yeah the materialization shiratori with Jibril was the most godly thing ever. From the very first word it oozed godliness.

I'm glad you like it and you can join us in waiting for the movie ;)