Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)


Death Scythe
Real sad times there, didn’t they almost close down a few years ago? I wonder if Fopp will survive?
Fopp only have a few stores, but they are owned by HMV so they could go too. It's also bad news for Manga who still shift slot of stock through HMV.


AUKN Staff
If the Fopp in Covent Garden closes I’ll be devastated. I have a decent amount of HMV pure points so I guess I’ll have to use them soon.


Karamatsu Boy
HMV already closed all of their shops near me so it feels as though they completely disappeared the first time around. Sad news for those who still had one locally, though; hope you all get to spend your points today. Shopping for anime on the high street is something I only do when overseas these days :(



AUKN Staff
It’s really saddening. If HMV and Fopp close I’ll have little reason to visit Central London anymore. Shame as I spent £60 in Fopp yesterday too. HMVPure being down isn’t helpful either. Here’s hoping the websites come back online sooner rather than later.


AUKN Staff
typical when i was close to a £50 voucher hopefully can at least get a £20 if the purepoints site comes back
Yeah I’m close to if not at a £20 voucher now (I can’t even check to confirm) so I do hope they sort whatever issues the site has.


Shrine Maiden
The selection of anime in my closet one isn't great, good Cardiffs is better most new CEs were in it before Christmas. But with AL EBs and the like im not surprised they don't sell.

Rob F1UK

Student Council President
I only have some steelbook pre-orders open with HMV - so if they do really disappear this time around those will just be moved to different retailers (HMV have exclusive arrangements with Sony for things such as this at the moment).