Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

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  1. black1blade

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    AOL ship box sets in boxes for what I can tell (KNK box set which is the same size arrived in a box).
  2. mikezilla2

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    RE zavvi can paypal be used to apply leverage ?
  3. Rosencrantz

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    Bad new from United Publications - The £ vs $ slide has finally meant they are reviewing DVD/BD prices. Had an e-mail today saying they will shortly be re-pricing, though they hope to honour pre-orders where possible.

    Rather interestingly they also seem to have re-priced their US site, I'm actually seeing a few items that I paid in £ that are now cheaper in $ due to discounts despite the poor rate.
  4. IncendiaryLemon

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    Bah, that sucks. I still have a number of AoA Monogatari sets left, and I can't afford to buy them all before they go up.
  5. thedoctor2016

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    Yeah They've already gone up like DRR sets are up by £10 each, the older monogatari are +5 I think etc
  6. elaniel

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    Explains why Nadesico Blu-Ray was cheaper on USA site (very close to TRSI price) and not cheaper on UK, like has been the last few months.
  7. Rosencrantz

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    Looking at my order page it seems like my pre-orders have made it through unchanged, and the prices are comparable to paying in dollars now so I don't think I'll switch them over.

    What is weird however that I could now buy some sets cheaper in dollars compared to what I paid in pounds. Recently I specifically had them switch things from my US account to my UK because the US price was going to make me pay more than the UK after conversion. The obvious response to that is to up the UK price, which I've expected for a while, but they've added discounts to the US side that drops prices in dollars so that I could of theoretically saved.
  8. PilibO

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    Does anyone have experience ordering from Amazon Canada? What are they like for customs?
  9. HWR

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    I had a negative experience dealing with them when I ordered some Anime boxsets. Asides from customs fees, they sent items in Jiffy bags which all arrived damaged (including the Now OOP Haruhi and Ranma 1/2 sets). They sent replacements but they arrived damaged also and ended up refunding the entire order. I personally won't be using them again and opt for Wow HD and Bluraysforeveryone for imports.
    Hope this helps :)
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  10. unknownfate

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    Amazon Canada use the same shipping materials every other Amazon uses. Cardboard "envelopes" for smaller media orders, then boxes for everything else.

    Everything I've bought has gone DHL so you're not dodging anything.

    Delivery times varied from 48 hours (Negima LE set) to 6 working days so fairly quick.
  11. Robbl

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    I can't say I'm at ease with anime-on-line sending CEs in these evelopes:

    Granted, the Persona movie CEs are relatively slim, but still, they have artcase packaging which are not hard plastic and are more susceptible to damage.
    I don't believe these envelopes are a 100% safe :/
  12. TiagoCosta

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    Can anyone tell me good places to import anime(from uk)?

    I have awful experiences with amazon uk, and zavvi doesn't ship to Portugal since a few years ago. Any good alternatives out there with international shipping?

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  13. crashmatt

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    Base.com have always been good. Their prices are decent as well.
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  14. Y2Johnny

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    Yeah, I never had a problem with base.com's packages over here. I also sometimes buy stuff from www.anime-on-line.com or www.up1.co.uk (or, when I want US stuff, www.up1usa.com) and never had a problem. Since the mail service isn't particularly good over here, it may take a while for the packages to arrive (in my experience, it usually takes between 1-2 weeks), but I never had any kind of problem with those sites.
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  15. TiagoCosta

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    Can't say I heard about those, will try thanks.

    Thinking on grabbing a few shows so 1 per site to try them out lol
  16. MVM

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    Was the actual product damaged at all?
  17. Robbl

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    Thankfully not this time, but the Serial Experiments Lain CE got damaged which was shipped with the same type of envelope + with the Persona 3 Movie 2 CE. I already got a replacement for Lain, thanks again for that :). It's really confusing to me when cardboard boxes and when envelopes are used for shipping.
  18. TiagoCosta

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    So I ended up ordering Overlord from www.anime-on-line.com early this month, on the 4h of June I received an Email saying the order was complete..

    What does complete mean here? pre order complete, shipped?

    What a weird choice of words..
  19. Morbo

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    It's not that hard to figure out. Complete means the order is now dispatched aka finished or complete.

    If I said I ate a bowl of cereal; would you need me to tell you that I used a spoon?
  20. TiagoCosta

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    When it comes to a pre order is pretty misleading to me, order was 2 weeks before release.

    Thanks for the nice words, depending on the type of cereal I might not even use a spoon and just drink it from the bowl when in a rush!