What you guys doing right now.


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Insight into the life of a struggling currency trader...

Work starts here; start of a new 24/5 week, currency markets open (10pm gmt) after weekend close, Australia/Japan awake by now.

To be honest, nothing much happens generally till Europe wakes up tomorrow morning, so just a case of seeing where things are sitting before retiring to bed.
Things only really kick off when the US wake up midday-ish - thats the americans for you!
(no offence to any US citizens out there)

So now you know.


Brigade Leader
Sitting at work on a monday morning after one of the worst weekends of my life and seriously contemplating throwing things out the nearest window. Anyone who gets shirty with me today is going to regret it I feel. I hate being in a bad mood this early in the day.


at the moment, i am just home from work and now going searching through my music files for something i haven't listened to in a while :?


Mini-Mariah said:
Accessing the site from school computers x_x getting pictures for my artwork and taking full advantage of the free printer ink ;D

Amen to that!!!!


I finished Love Hina 24 last night, and went to bed very late, so after a stumbling out of the shower and a bowl of whatever that was in the cupboard, I'm glad to find that today is an inset teacher training day at school - woo for day off!!!


I'm enjoying a day off work. When I've finished typing this I'm going to go wash and then go meet a friend in town and go eat some Ramen. I'm taking my new found love of anime and all things Japanese very seriously. I'll probably be in Tokyo before xmas!


currently making the most of my 4 and a bit hours here at home before heading back to work. At least i got paid yesterday, now i can buy more stuff and get my trip to the expo worked out


Just landed in the UK from a 3 day trip to germany, loadsa anime but all way to expensive to buy.

Now at home sitting on my sofa, updatin the site and generally chilling out with my beer and also catching up with all the eps I taped


KittySeras said:
In one of those moods where I feel weighed down by everything and everything seems crap and depressing. It's not very fun

I was so there last night....

I'm sitting in front of my computer. Will get Cherios soon, then a shower. Must practise piano today - as I have a lesson later on. That's it, folks.