What manga are you reading now?


AUKN Staff
The Case Study of Vanitas Vol. 5 (another wonderful cover from Jun Mochizuki)

The World's Greatest First Love Vol. 11 (still going strong... 14 volumes and ongoing in Japan)


Student Council President
Der Werewolf (light novel) vol. 4.
This series gets so much done in such a short time. I swear there's been more plot development in these 4 volumes than some light novels get in 10.
For a moment in that final section with Firnir and Shatina I thought the murals were foreshadowing. Surely Gomoviroa won't turn evil and Veight dies putting her down as a finale, right?!


Student Council President
Kokoro Connect (light novel) vol. 4
This might be my favourite volume so far. Just because there was less second-hand embarrassment I think.
Reading the afterword... I really hope we get a new character! Not that I don't like the current 5, but I'd be really curious to see how they'd fit in. Pity it won't be until volume 6 :(


Student Council President
Magical Girl Raising Project (light novel) vol. 5 -
This series continues to amble along consistently, satisfying but never really breaking any boundaries.

Which perhaps isn't the impression a dark magical girl story should be giving. But it's nice to read.