What manga are you reading now?


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It seems like supply is actually outstripping demand sometimes, though, as I'm the first person to borrow either. A Silent Voice turns out to have been available for loan since October last year, yet the stamp card was as yet blank before I took it out.
Even though - I guess - you have lovely 'new' copies to borrow (which is always nice) I'm amazed that no one had borrowed them before you! But what's heartening is that it sounds as if your library is still buying in new titles in spite of budget cuts, so that's a good sign the librarians are keen on keeping their graphic novels and manga up-to-date.

And the titles you've mentioned in the catalogue also seem to show someone behind the scenes is doing some research and buying in a wide range of recommended manga. That's really heartening. :)


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I'm amazed that no one had borrowed them before you!
Yeah, I was amazed too. To think that nobody had borrowed either Goodnight Punpun or A Silent Voice yet! I guess not all library members are connoisseurs like we are here. :p

I think the last time I took a look at the volumes of Angelic Layer, they weren't stamped yet either. Hopefully that's changed by now.


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After Hours v 1-3 (end)
This series started so strong, but I was disappointed with the ending.
The rave was fantastic though. As soon as I saw Stardust: Music Sounds Better With You, the song instantly started playing in my head and I could easily imagine what that would actually be like at a rave. Honestly it should have ended there. No need for the unnecessary drama after, or the fact that it doesn't conclude! DOES SHE COME BACK? WE'LL NEVER KNOW! I guess that was the point for Emi's growth but also boooo.


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Read the first volume of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, enjoying the anime so far, and looks the manga is finishing so felt like reading it. I think the first volume has mostly been covered so far in the anime anyways.

Caught up on One Piece, was like 5 chapters behind.


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I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse volume 12 (light novel)

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Volume 8 (light novel) - Still slowly catching up

Dive!! volume 1

For the Kid I Saw In My Dreams volume 1

A Sister's All You Need volume 3 (light novel) - I love this silly series so much.


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Black Torch volumes 1-2

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash volume 13 (light novel) - One more volume and then caught up to Japan! Volume 14 only came out in December though, so I guess J-Novel might not start it for a little while yet.

KoLD8: King of the Living Dead volumes 1-3 - This was on the new Manga Plus app that launched in the last few days and I didn't realise it was finished when I started it. I got to the end and found the final chapter isn't conclusive and that the 'real' ending is going to be in the volume release in Japan and not run in the Jump + magazine. Given it seems unlikely to be licensed (I suspect it was cancelled as the plot is far from resolved and then skips a a lot of stuff), I'll probably never see the real end and can't help but feel that was a waste of time. :rolleyes:

An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride volume 4 (light novel) - A true return to form for the series, I had a lot more fun with this volume than the last one. Review to follow.