What manga are you reading now?

Shadow Cat

Vampire Ninja
Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosary

My favorite SAO arc so I decided to read the Manga. Very good read so far, although as expected the Anime handled the action scenes better (in my opinion)

Half way through Volume 2 so far


Hakumei and Mikochi Vol 1
There's 8 chapters in the first volume. Of which 7 were animated in a slightly different order in the anime, taking up 3.5 episodes. The nature of the chapters, being fairly self contained (some things happen that carry over especially early on, like meeting reoccurring characters), means that the order didn't particularly matter.

The 8th chapter, the one not adapted, is set in the winter (whereas the rest aren't) and contains gambling so either may be the reason for not being adapted.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Oresama Teacher Volumes 3 and 4-Chapters 12-23. Brilliant manga so far really made me laugh 😂.
The characters are great.So glad I got it out from the library.

Professor Irony

Gunsmith Cats: Revised Edition Volume 2

Still great stuff. In fact this volume actually addresses some of my criticisms of the first, so I feel a little conflicted about it now.

I think it's unfortunate that the Revised version splits the 'Return of Gray' tankobon in two halves; that was a good arc and not getting it all in one shot might hamper the experience a little for newcomers. Beyond that though, everything is new to me, and the book became an absolute page turner. This is the first I've seen major series villain Iron Goldie, a mafia lieutentant and drug specialist whose attempt to turn Rally into her Manchurian Candidate-style brainwashed pawn, makes for a breathlessly exciting cat and mouse game between the two of them, sustained across the bulk of this volume. Goldie's personality does seem quite similar to earlier baddie Bonnie, but she does feel more fleshed out, so it's not much of an issue.

Despite the regular injections of fan-service (and some rather eye-watering wish fulfilment, given that Minnie-May's lover is almost certainly a self-insert for Sonoda), I do wonder if it might have been harsh of me to call the series out on its sleaziness. There is ample opportunity in Goldie's arc for the manga to go to some very dark places, but it always holds back - quite rightly so, given the broadly upbeat tone. It's also surprisingly coy about showing any actual sexual activity. Perhaps someone got a rap on the knuckles after the more explicit scene in that first tank.

My intention is to take a break and read some other things for now, but I look forward to coming back for more soon.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Do You Love Your Mum and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attack? Volume 1 (light novel) - not sure if I'm invested enough in this to go a further seven volumes, but it was kind of sweet. A mix between I've been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Konosuba.

Yanota volume 3

Talentless Nana volume 3

Katanagatari volume 1 (light novel, volumes 1-3 of the Japanese release)

I want to Eat Your Pancreas (light novel) - All the many much sobbing. I feel like being told from the first person perspective made it more powerful than the movie, but they're both so good. Highly recommended reading.

The Hero and His Elf Bride Open a Pizza Parlor in Another World (light novel) - Again quite sweet and light hearted, but the 'Hero' MC treats his bride a bit like a dog at times because she reminds him of one and I just couldn't agree with that. ^^;

You can really tell I've been ill and bored. :p

Shadow Cat

Vampire Ninja
Completed Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosario

That was an amazing final half, this is by far my favorite SAO Arc (10/10 if you're happy to overlook the actions scenes being better in the Anime, but this is expected as... well its Animated lol)

This is also the reason why I just ignore people who say SAO is trash. While I agree the show might not be for everyone, I feel that both this and (maybe slightly less so I'm not sure) Phantom Bullet are really good

~ Conclusion is, Mother's Rosario is a Manga that I could read many more times and thoroughly enjoy
AoT chapter 112 -every month it breaks my heart but this one has made angry. The friendship of Eren, Mikasa and Armin WAS one of my favourite things about it. So lets have a chapter where Eren slams them both and calls them slaves, Armin to berholt memories and Mikasa to her blood line as we learn what Ackerman is. This whole arcs characterisation of Eren is awful he's not annoying anymore or arrogant he is just a evil little **** leading a little army around against the survey corp cos we loved the first coup ofc. So yes I some how hate Eren and want him to die