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IncendiaryLemon said:
Are you actually still enjoying the game?
I love it, it's one of the best games I've ever played. The material upgrade could have been handled much better in my opinion (the randomising rare drops really killed it to be fair) and there are some bits and bobs that could've been improved (the framerate stutter is one issue I've noticed when there's multiple things on the screen). Everything else is excellent - the story, characters (Weiss is one of my favourite video game characters now), the music and even the gameplay is fun especially with the bullet hell style boss fights. Definitely an underrated gem and unfortunately a title that's pretty much out of print or priced quite highly nowadays (I bought it for £40 brand new at Amazon US, UK copies were completely OOP) especially when there's no digital version available.


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IncendiaryLemon said:
I'd give it a go but that price is a little steep.
I did see used copies available at a much lower price on eBay but I haven't checked as of late.

If it's gone completely, the sequel is arriving onto PS4 exclusively ~ NieR: Automata. It's confirmed to have a different storyline so knowledge of NieR isn't needed but that could change. Interestingly instead of the original developer handling it (as they're defunct), it's Platinum Games with most of the original team members returning including Yoko Taro of Drakengard fame and Keiichi Okabe who composed the epic music.


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PS3: £15
360: £5

Really excited to get my hands on Xenoblade X this week. No idea where I'm going to find that time to play this behemoth of a game. I doubt that I can play this text and menu heavy game on the gamepad only...


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Damn, kind of wishing I had a 360 now. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong on the CeX site to be unable find Neir.


Edit: Turns out, spelling it wrong. Jesus Christ I'm an idiot.


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NieR Gestalt (PlayStation 3)
More progress done with Operation Platinum!

I have achieved both Ending C and D plus that last remaining timed boss trophy.

As a result of this - In one of the biggest surprises to ever appear:
Ending D erases Nier, as well as your entire save data. Yes this is the canon route of the story

Now I have 2 trophies left - Massacring those sheep and beating the game within 15 hours.

The developers reaction for making gamers go through with it:

My progress so far:
Endings: A B C D
Trophy Progress: 95%
Playtime: 72 hours 26 minutes (After earning Ending D).
Level: 51 (After earning Ending D).

Remaining Trophies:
Platinum Trophy Completion
100 Sheep Massacred
Finish story in 15 hours


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Getting the collector's edition hopefully on release. It is a game that you need a lot of time for. Luckily I have that and not watching much anime for a bit wont harm me.


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NieR Gestalt (PlayStation 3)
And thus the journey ends here.

I have managed to get the Lightning Master trophy by beating the game in 7 hours and 15 minutes.

And thus I have my Platinum trophy.

Total playtime overall was 79 hours 41 minutes with all endings achieved.

And of course I won't forget those infamous words:
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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PlayStation 3)
Next up on my backlog is a Suda51 classic.

I've owned this game since October 2013 (the same month I got my PS3). It's also the oldest game in my PS3 collection that's still incomplete (Asura's Wrath and Kingdom Hearts HD were sorted during 2013 while Hyperdimension Neptunia was sorted back last April (which must have taken me 80+ hours :O)).

Anywho I decided to restart from scratch and now I've beaten a couple bosses to be Rank 9. A Platinum is still up in the air given it's possible (apparently takes at least 30 hours to achieve) but we'll see, the gameplay has dated a bit which is affecting my amusement but don't get me wrong slicing people in pieces and shaking the controller to charge your weapon is a lot of fun. My problem lies to minor bits and pieces like the framerate, lag during driving and dodgy controls during combat like dodging and easy aiming. Other than that the rest is perfectly fine, Travis is Travis.


Given Sony's new PS2 to PS4 release going on I wonder if they'll add Killer7, I always wanted to play that one.