What Games Are You Playing?


Dandy Guy, in Space
started pokemon black again, the game really should tell you not to put hours into levelling up an elektross only to not be able to teach it any moves.


Great Teacher
I'm switching between replaying Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Warriors Orochi 3.

I got AC3 recently so i'm playing bits of that too. Much better than ACR was but then after 2 games i was getting fed up of Ezio so that might be why I didn't like ACR much XD


Za Warudo
Was planning on getting Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U but then saw Mass Effect 2 (PS3) for a fiver and got that to play through first.

So far i'm really enjoying it. Sci-fi space opera at its grandest so far!!

Professor Irony

Picked up Hotline Miami the other day. And nothing else got done...

At its heart, the game is a pretty straightforward retro-style top-down shooter, reminiscent of Alien Breed, but the atmosphere created by its morally dubious storyline and pulsating electro soundtrack really turns it into something special.
Hotline Miami looks pretty great. I've been weighing up whether or not I need another game to add to the backlog, and the answer is probably no, but the 25% off at Steam promotion ends tomorrow...

Over the holidays I completed the excellent Dishono(u)red and am now making my way though Dragon's Dogma.

Professor Irony

Thanks to Steam's crazy sales, I'm similarly over-encumbered, but I can definitely recommend Hotline. I've not been so compelled to go back for another go at something in a very long time.


It's fantastic to see other people picking up Hotline Miami. I picked it up pretty early on in it's release and it's been such a fantastic game to play. I do highly recommend picking it up if you can get it. Also consider it this way, it's arguably worth getting for the soundtrack alone, which you get with it. Sure it's in .ogg files, but if you have WinAmp, you can play it anyways. It's also fun to see what people make of the story. I've seen a fair few people brainstorm it and make suggestions as to what's what, and it's always fun to see how far people go with it. I'm definitely looking forward to it's sequel that's on the way(and possibly the DLC that might be too)


School Idol
Just bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Witcher on steam. I really didn't want to but they were so cheap. I never did finish Deus Ex on my Xbox but i much prefer the pc controls anyway and I didn't want to play The Witcher 2 without having played the first one. Altogether my fancy new laptop is cool cause it can actually run new games unlike my crappy old one.

I'm also wondering if anyone thinks Beat Hazard is worth a purchase.


School Idol
I might give it a go then. :wink:

I was wondering if you guys could also tell me on a scale of 1 to 10 how good Borderlands Single player is because its on sale on steam as well and i'm having a hard time deciding whether to go for it :?


School Idol
Well i completely failed at the discipline of self-restraint. Bloody steam having too many good deals. My purchases so far include The Witcher 1 and 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Borderlands.

I also started playing DC Universe Online which is nothing like i thought it would be but in a good way. PROFESSOR SANITY LIVES :p
I got The Witcher from GOG a few weeks back for $2.50 or something ridiculous. I loved the sequel on 360 so it was a no-brainer.

Finally decided to grab Hotline Miami a couple of hours before the sale ended. I'll be sure to report back once I play it properly. Into the backlog it goes, along with a couple of indie adventure games I bought during GOG's winter sale: Gemini Rue, an excellent neo-noir sci-fi point & clicker; and To The Moon, which drew me in with its premise ("two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish") and that it supposedly packs the sort of emotional punch that turns grown men into blubbering wrecks.


Was going to post to say I just finished Dragon Age Origins at last, and working back on the sequel...

But you b******s just mentioned the sale, and I had to make a few purchases! XD Oh well, so much for being frugal. I'll just say it was an alluring investment.
So I got The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Elder Scrolls: Morrowind (may as well, played Oblivion and Skyrim), and got Chivalry too.

And all I have to say is - It's all your fault, AUKN!
(And thanks. :p )


School Idol
Of the 8 games i bought in the steam sale, I'm enjoying Borderlands 2 the most. It's a bit harder than i thought it would be on Normal but its fun as hell and THE BRIGHT YELLOW GUNS FIRE GRANADES GUYS!!