What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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HMV Store BF order came in today. Was surprised that I could order Don’t Look Now as it’s 4-disc release has been OOP for a while - I suspect it’s stock from one of their stores that was returned to the warehouse. Got a good price on it considering how much I’ve seen it go for on eBay.


The Quintessential Pouts
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Due to constant pushbacks on the anime pre-orders, I decided to fill the large gap of having no items by acquiring some more manga.

So I ordered Monster Musume volumes 4-6 because monster girls are our saviours. All were sealed which caught me by surprise, but then I remembered Seven Seas did that to their explicit titles for retailers. There's still 10 more volumes of MonMusu before I am caught up though.



Dragon Knight
Seeing the std edition of Overlord III on my shelf has annoyed me since the day I got it so I've upgraded to the US ltd edition so at least all 3 season look like they go together now!
The book is the Pitchshifter tour diary from their recent kickstarter.

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