What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Vampire Ninja


Death Scythe
Have any of the people who have gotten a PS5 managed to get the bypass method to work on sentai titles? Doesn't seem to allow me to change the title number.

I have been wondering does geolocking still work? and just to add can someone give me the measurements so I can see if it will fit in my entertainment unit please? Lol.

Shadow Cat

Thousand Master
No pictures but the last few weeks got some good deals on Manga:

Pokemon (Manga) Red + Blue (Volumes 1-7)
Akuma no Riddle Complete (Volumes 1-5)
Citrus (Volumes 9 - 10) - These are still £5 a volume on Amazon if anyone needs them!

Won a few Switch games from Keoi Tecmo Europe Twitter. (wont lie, was almost cried when I saw the twitter notifications)

Atelier Ryza (Really happy to finally get this game)
Nights of Azure 2 (I hear this has some awful time requirements)
Dynasty Warriors 8: XL (Haven't played a Dynasty Warriors game in years)