What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Dandy Guy, in Space
It seems like the American Amazon is delivering really quick lately. I ordered these only two days ago and already arrive today.


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Dandy Guy, in Space
don't they only have that expensive shipping on now? i know that it can be changed after you make the order
Yeah the shipping is about £11, but I think still works out cheaper than buying it from a local seller in the UK. Anyway in many cases there's no local seller for many of these as they've only had US releases.


Magical Girl

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
The next two Ghibli Steelbook releases from GKids will be Kiki's and Nausicaa, on August 25; I have them pre-ordered as well. I almost caved and started collecting the UK steelbooks when they first came out, but now I'm glad I hesitated - even though the artwork on the US releases is fairly minimalistic, I still like these full color metallic backgrounds over the bare steel look of the UK steelbooks. Reminds me more of the Japanese digipak releases I have in my collection, except with full color characters rather than just silhouettes. I'm just hoping GKids eventually puts the entire Ghibli catalog in Steelbooks, as the UK did., bar Grave and Wind Rises. Grave has a close-enough matching Steelbook release from Sentai, and hopefully GKids will get the Wind Rises licence eventually.


Straw Hat Pirate

The Roku premier I purchased a few months ago was starting to act like ass (connection drops when there wasn't a connection drop and the youtube app suddenly not having access) so I decided to get a fire TV stick when they were on sale a few days ago to see if it works any better and if it does then my next big TV purchase is more then likely to have the Amazon fire TV OS baked in instead of the roku OS (and if I can't, I'll just get a 4K TV and a 4K fire TV stick).


AUKN Staff

The second collection of Pink Films aka Pink Films Vol. 3 & 4 has arrived via Amazon and distributed by Third Window Films. The first collection I thought was good but I am more curious about these two films. This set contains Abnormal Family by Masayuki Sao (Shall We Dance?) and Blue Film Woman by Kan Mukai (Deep Throat in Tokyo).

There is a third collection coming later in the year which will contain Mamoru Watanabe's Women Hell Song and Shinji Imaoka's Underwater Love.


Dandy Guy, in Space
I just recently ordered the picture perfect edition of Hidamari Sketch as well. Been reading the manga and decided I wanted to check out the anime. A review on Amazon claims that it is missing the final two episodes, but I cannot quite tell what that may be, there's so many sequels, specials, etc.