What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


An average and imo overrated film was only worth a SE tbh I only bought it cos it’s AoA and every raved about it in 2018. (Though when I watched it I predicted most of it)


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"What if i end up regretting it" was the thought that was swirling on my mind yet again when i was debating whether i should get something steep. Intially i was going to get just the second collection because i thought that the strikers gamers that tha take half of the collection are just different versions of the first game but that wasn't the case so i end up reconsider and eventually gaving in and getting this.


I do still think that 50 euros for six arcade games is kinda ******** (when they are not packed even on rigid box) but i do give them credit for having the all the soundtracks with apparently (didn't open it yet) on multiple disc inside big jewelcase which is cool. I'm not the greatest shmup player for sure but i do enjoy them and these have to wait until i pick up arcade stick for switch. There's a surprisinly lot shmups on switch so it should be worth it.
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From Amazon JP. Definitely did not buy purely for GBF serial codes...

no but seriously i've wanted that artbook for a while because the cover is gorgeous and the serial code is just a nice bonus i swear
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Yep, that's right I bought a manga.

Interspecies Reviewers volume 1 is the first of many in what I like to call the 'Man of Culture' haul, consisting of books that are fanservice focused, why you ask because you're getting one. Don't worry there are no hentai books involved because people would run away otherwise. The remaining titles from the first haul will arrive later next week as I decided to get them via Book Depository to save some money (I did have the option to use Amazon Prime but that would mean paying SRP levels).