What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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I went to HMV again today (I went last Friday but I didn't buy anything) to see if there was anything I could get from their 20% discount sale. I wanted to get my parents another gift so I got them The Favourite which was £7.99 surprisingly. After that, I checked the anime section and I decided to get both Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society (both were £6.99 each). The overall total was £17.50 which is a great deal.

I have a brief photos/spec post for both GITS films on my blog for those interested.


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Finnish post was on strike for almost three weeks so regular mail didn't start coming until only few days ago. Had to wait that long for the four amazon.de items because the package got delayed for one day just before strike 😂

Anyways. Anaconda might be bad but good sort film but i don't have much faith that Doom is too but it was only 5 euros on blackfriday. Looking forward starting Zanki Zero but i still have Outer Worlds to go through before it.
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So a bit of a mini update from the past week or so:

Finally, my Free! Boxsets line up.

From AL, Amazon.it, Hive and the LE RS sent separately. Edit: Wolf’s Rain UE is going back due to damage, a shame but it isn’t much more to get it in today’s 12 Days sales at least.

I’m also currently awaiting a large order from the Sentai Black Friday sent courtesy of a US contact.
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