What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Received these two from the Rightstuf 32 Bit Anniversary sale today - two of their daily Mega Deals - Saga of Tanya the Evil BD/DVD, and Mezzo Forte DVD:

You just reminded me that I need to get Mezzo Forte. Been on my list for a while, but it keeps on slipping to the back of my mind, and I've yet to find the right time to get it.


At this rate, Christmas will burn
AUKN Staff

Amazon parcel arrived a little later than usual on a Sunday. Last Monday the anime adaptation for Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest had aired and I was really excited because I heard the source material was quite decent for an isekai, and with White Fox involved what could go wro...everything went wrong.

Turns out that due to the controversy with the character designs, studio Asread stepped in and pretty much took over production and they handled the first episode of the anime, which was disappointing and bad. Part of that reason was a lot of cut content and because of that, I decided to pick up the first light novel volume of the source material.

Here's the light novel shelf (missing a few which are in a different location) at the moment:



Flame Haze
Mirai had arrived when I was at work:



Is it me or is most disappointing booklet that AL have put out. There's not much to it, with no art on the front (and little art inside) and it seems it's been made hardback to feel a bit chunkier! Content wise I guess is down to what they got given (the Hosoda Collection ones are very similar to this) and it's not the worst I've got, that goes to In This Corner of the World.


Technically got this yesterday using Prime Now, but was too lazy to post the picture

Amazon Fire HD 8 and a 32GB MicroSD.

This will be for reading digital LN/Manga, and watching anime off my plex server when I'm not at my desktop.



At this rate, Christmas will burn
AUKN Staff

So last night the Amazon Prime Day sales began and it was 30% off select anime releases. One of them was Attack on Titan Season 2 Limited Edition from Funimation UK (via Sony). This release is pretty nice and it's cool to see that they included an extra booklet to make up for the weird shape of the set (since Season 2 is only 1-cour).

There's a couple of units left if you want to make use of it since it's only £30 upon discount (or £20 if you managed to make use of the audible deal). Links from Amazon are affiliated and will help support me just in case you weren't aware.