What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Managed to get all of these today. Now I think I'm kinda done buying secondhand to be honest...
First off, I also got Overlord - Season 1, but it was a bootleg, so I'm working that out with the seller. All dark blue/black discs and very bad printing on the paper artwork.
Men in Black were all new, but the second one has a cracked case.
First Strike was a replacement, so that's good.
However, Death Note was supposed to be shipped with the 3 Evangelion rebuilds, but they are nowhere to be found. So I asked them if they've been shipped for themselves or if they've forgotten them.
Escaflowne - Part 2 was new and shrinkwrapped, but the case it really cracked, like there were around 20 or so loose pieces of plastic in there.

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I received two AL Collector's Editions today from the AOL sale - Maquia (BD/DVD) and Silver Spoon Part 1 (BD):

I also have pre-orders for the Mirai CE and Silver Spoon Part 2 CE on this order, and was hooping they would ship together in July, but I guess they'll be shipping separately now since Silver Spoon P2 was pushed back to October.


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What do you get when you have Gundam, Evangelion, Nadesico, Full Metal Panic!, Mazinger, Yamato 2199 and even mother******* Cross Ange in the same room - you have Super Robot Wars V (Voyage).

This came from the Play Asia weekly sale for a good price (though quite steep, it's better than the current £40-50 at the moment).


Where is Sentai's' S3 is another complaint, it feels like they dont give two s's about it. 18 months since s2's dub release well done sentai.


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more Sakura figures for the Sakura collection and a Tomoyo - why isn't there a single Akiho figure!
all of which took longer than they should of the left 2 i'm guessing a lazy Hermes driver as was with them for a week until finally deliveried today and the right 2 just a lazy ebay seller that only sent them couple of days ago after i brought them on 22nd of last month but all 4 were worth the wait