What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Got two of my 5 MVM orders (where the hell is my Princess Principal Standard BD)

Also got my order from the Amazon ES SelectaVision sale (both items were 50% off)

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It's never even occurred to me to buy anime in Spanish even though I like to watch tv in spanish periodically to practice. Just had a quick look and ordered Haikyu seasons 1-3 bluray boxset for 50 quid. Never watched it before so well see what it's like I guess.


Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
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Arriving as part of MVM Entertainment's Summer 20% off sale are three of their collector's edition Blu-ray sets; Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, Made in Abyss, and Princess Principal. The discs are the exact same as the Sentai Filmworks release right down to the fact that they will work on US regions (in other words Madman & MVM simply took Sentai's discs and added their logos to the beginning and that's it). The yellow subtitles are locked during playback, which is no surprise especially the fact that all three anime above are all under Kadokawa.

In terms of the collector's sets, both Armed Girls Machiavellism and Princess Principal are in great quality in regards to the artbooks. Made in Abyss however is on the opposite trend, as its booklet is pretty weak on the image presentation as they look low res and at times pixelated. Outside of that the sets themselves are good value to go against the Sentai & Madman versions.​