What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Speaking of retro DVD ;), I just received one of the last copies of the now OOP Cat's Eye DVD box set in the mail today from RS. This was a total blind buy for me, Nozomi's license was expiring on the series, and they had a few box sets left that went real fast after they announced it was going OOP. So yeah, it'll come out on Blu-ray next year from Discotek, most likely, lol.

I guess I'll try to get used to that old 80's anime art style a little more - I actually much prefer post-2000 and more modern anime styles over vintage ones...

More Purple Pile Pics™ for you, AyaMachi!

I see glittery bits in the Purple Pile™️ 👀

That artwork is pretty cool, though! Will GwG like it? That's the big question!!! 🤔

*Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun!*


It's actually the bluray on one side (read from right to left, like manga) and on the other cover on the same book is the soundtrack. I liked how the GitS did it, but as this isn't as many discs it's just not done as well
They don't even look like digipacks the only discs I have in a book is manic street preacher LEs and they are hard to get out. To me not what i want from a £90 set and if the discs are built into the main book how are gonna sell them separately?


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Wasn't expecting mail today, as I always get mail on Thursdays. But given that last Thursday was a national "day off", they probably had to rush mail out today. I got these two, but also a pick up note, I hope it's for my two SecondSpin packages, just put together with a rubber band (they usually do that with multiple packages).

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I see glittery bits in the Purple Pile™️ 👀

That artwork is pretty cool, though! Will GwG like it? That's the big question!!! 🤔

*Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun!*
The glittery bits are just reflections of the camera flash on the carpet fibers... Sparkley!

I watched the first two episodes on YouTube last night, it was ok, maybe a little too "simple" in the plot and action for my tastes. I would prefer a little more substance, but we'll see how it goes.


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Aaaand I managed to pick up the package(s). I was right, it was both my SecondSpin orders put together with a rubber band.

What's a SecondSpin order without any errors/damaged items? - Well three items were either damaged or wrong.
Dragon Ball Super - Part 4, with water damage (AGAIN!).
Star Trek - Season 1, three discs had disc rot and couldn't play.
Star Trek - Season 3, they sent me the DVD release? Really...?

BUT! - Black Panther, Liz and the Blue Bird and Burst Angel were all new and sealed.

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Wordery order arrived today bringing me Witch Hat Atelier Vol.1 and Family Traits, I've always liked Thomas Romain's character designs way back since Oban Star Racers so was very happy when I found out Udon was putting out and English Language version of his originally French artbook.