What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Received some money to help cover the month of May, and my Mum's birthday was around the corner and I got her a card and Fantastic Beasts 2 along the way. Since the film was 2 for £25 I decided to pick up the original 1998 Ring film, directed by Hideo Nakata from Arrow Video.

Here's the reversible cover for the standard Blu-ray set, resembling the original theatrical poster for the Japanese release:


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DVD? You're so retro 🤓
Speaking of retro DVD ;), I just received one of the last copies of the now OOP Cat's Eye DVD box set in the mail today from RS. This was a total blind buy for me, Nozomi's license was expiring on the series, and they had a few box sets left that went real fast after they announced it was going OOP. So yeah, it'll come out on Blu-ray next year from Discotek, most likely, lol.

I guess I'll try to get used to that old 80's anime art style a little more - I actually much prefer post-2000 and more modern anime styles over vintage ones...

More Purple Pile Pics™ for you, AyaMachi!

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