What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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It's more like a gray-like color than white for box, and yes no fancy artwork on it but i'm OK with that.

Booklet contains key frame artwork, characters designs, background sketches, artwork as shown in the picture, props designs, Ringo sexy collection and character designs for famous scenes by Terumi Nishii. All in all a nice booklet containing 96 pages ... actually had to count them as the booklet contains no page numbers :)
Does that booklet happen to have any concept/design works art in there that's not included in the Japanese single volumes that I already have?
[JP] Mawaru Penguindrum Vol.1-8 + Triple H album
The picture you did only shows screenshots artwork, which I am fine to miss out on, as they are in the show itself already.


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I couldn't finnish Etrian 3&4 or because there's just so much grinding in these games (i did love the second one when it came out though) but i did end up regretting not getting five at release because it sold out rather quickly and there haven't been any restocks.

Didn't want to make same mistake twice. Even if i can't finnish this one either i probably will get around playing it after i get through Valkyria 4.