What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

For me, Children Who Chase Lost Voices is one of the worst things I have ever suffered through, anime or otherwise, just awful (and yet I still own it on BD for some reason). Wolf Children is a pure delight though, was actually thinking about a re-watch of it the other night.
I remember watching Children Who Chase Lost Voices and though it was a poor mans Ghibili film. It looks great but the plot is rather flat as a re the characters.
My haul from the last week and a half.

Actually DanMachi, Sailor Moon R Movie, Infinite Stratos Season 1, and Kizumonogatari: Wound Tale visual novel arrived last week but was only able to pick them up yesterday as i was hiking on the beautiful island of Madeira last week.

Today Heavy Object Part 1, and No-Rin and Absolute Duo arrived from Amazon UK, the last two for about 25£



Straw Hat Pirate

You might notice something different about this copy of Interviews with monster girls Vol.2 more noticeably the corner of the back cover that had been torn off because the packet wasn't sealed correctly (I'd already mentioned who won my little challenge on twitter, and Wordery bent over backwards to sort out the issue and are sending out a replacement copy and I don't even have to send back the damaged copy which is nice).

I also picked up a more expensive headset for PC use (which is about all it's good for since its a USB headset).