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What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Discussion in 'Random Chit-Chat' started by bakum4tsu, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. demonix

    demonix Adventurer


    I finally got my copy of persona 5 through although I'm going to have to clear out some stuff on my PS3s hard drive since it's rather lacking in space.
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  2. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff


    Still haven't read Volume 4, so I had to be very careful putting it on the shelf without reading the blurb. My manga backlog is getting outrageous. Need to finish the current volume of Bakemonogatari then just plow through School Live Vol 6, Punpun Vols 4 and 5 and Kiniro Mosaic Vol 2. I also have the entirety of the Evangelion manga to read, as well as Orange and Gyo...
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  3. HWR

    HWR Dandy Guy, in Space

    My first two rightstuf sentai sale orders arrived today, no customs thankfully. May have gone overboard but in the long run It'll save me a small fortune when compared to buying from Wow HD :p
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  4. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    My copy of Persona 5 has come :D

  5. Patient-X

    Patient-X Brigade Leader

  6. Joe

    Joe Student Council President


    Was worried I wouldn't receive it today since Amazon only dispatched it at 10pm last night, but Royal Mail did good. I then proceeded to do almost nothing today expect play for 12 hours.
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  7. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    I still have to watch my Time of Eve Blu-ray, come to think of it.

    (This requires purchasing a compatible player, but such a challenge doesn't seem too daunting nowadays.)
  8. Patient-X

    Patient-X Brigade Leader

    The one I bought is region free. I bought it second hand from Cex and for some reason they sent me the kickstarter international version with the bonus soundtrack CD, which was nice.
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  9. PilibO

    PilibO Kiznaiver

    Very happy to have found Twelve Kingdoms BD's ^_^

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  10. Blaize

    Blaize School Idol

    Congrats on tracking down the Blu Rays. Twelve Kingdoms is a great show and it looks utterly fantastic on BD :D
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  11. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Straw Hat Pirate

    The jealousy I feel right now is far too great to properly describe in words. Grats you lucky sod
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  12. Stiivun

    Stiivun Hunter

    Nice haul PilibO
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  13. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Stand User

    Received these over the past few days

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  14. msgeek

    msgeek Hunter

    Couple of arrivals. Got hit ~£30 by customs on the Sentai set. Ouch!
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  15. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff


    Made the mistake of going TRSI and ended up getting stung by customs. Last two AoA sets got by untouched, but I got unlucky. Should probably just use UP1 from now on.
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  16. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    That park won't be quite so brilliant now, alas!
  17. Stiivun

    Stiivun Hunter

    Two other French releases arrived, GTO already on Saturday and Mahoromatic yesterday, and no they aren't English friendly. Mahoromatic has Dutch subs though and since Dutch is mother language that's a plus for me.

    Also received And Yet the Town Moves from the TRSI Sentai sale, one other title is underway.

  18. Anime1977

    Anime1977 Completely Average High School Student

    image.jpeg Anyone up for some devil worship.lol and I just got one more ghost cd and 3 megadeth t shirts to come.
  19. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master


    New Megami Deluxe time again, Volume 28. This time Strike the Blood, a regular feature in these magazines gets the cover. A lot of the usual suspects that feature in here are featured alongside a lot of series from the past few seasons. Split into seven sections, including the Regular Swimsuit/Beach sections and the bathing sections plus others, there are also sections devoted to both Is the order a rabbit?? & Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale together, as well as a section devoted to Sound Euphonium 2. Continuing on from previous issues there isn't any extra features to speak of and the information pages have certainly been scaled back.

    (One Per Each Section!)

    Don't do it Vignette...She's Not Worth It!

    Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale - Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You!

    Trinity Seven: Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl - Available to Watch Now on Crunchyroll!

    Chu Chu Yeah!

    One of a Number of Sound Euphonium 2 pieces to appear.

    Is Comedy Glasses Karen, Best Karen?

    Girlish Number I will admit I've not seen, but I do know it has it's fans around here!
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  20. Anime1977

    Anime1977 Completely Average High School Student

    That last picture could be considered lolicon she looks like a 10 year old.