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This is a remake of the FFVII spin-off right? Not part 2 of the Remake?
I'm so behind with gaming news nowadays!
Square Enix are calling this a remaster rather than a remake, since they haven't started completely from scratch. As remasters go, it's one of the most impressive upgrades I've seen, but as I understand it there's still the nuts-and-bolts of a PSP game underneath the fancy new graphics, so set expectations accordingly. The closest equivalent would be Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the PS4, which was also a remaster of a PSP game. Based on reviews I've seen, Crisis Core may have had more extensively reworked gameplay than Type-0 though, since there have been changes to the battle system, for example.

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I received a partial shipment today from my Day 1 order from All the Anime's 12 Days Sale. They shipped the 5 in-stock items from my order; The other two titles are pre-orders that got their dates moved from December into next year.

Magic Knight Rayearth Part 1 Collector's Edition
Magic Knight Rayearth Part 2 Collector's Edition
Relative Worlds Collector's Edition
Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki
10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki


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Cool, Trinity Blood is out now, the third of the four Gonzo CEs I ordered. I'm having that title held until Witchblade releases in late January (barring any more delays, it was supposed to release only two weeks after Trinity Blood), so they can be shipped together to the US in safer packaging.