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June 2022 Haul Batch #4 - MVM item time.


The live-action adaptation was so much fun that I wanted to check out the OVA anime version of Alice in Borderland, and MVM shipped them out ahead of schedule so it's here finally. Really curious to see how it turns out.


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I've got a long wait and I'm still waiting on my cloth poster to come no tracking number for it yet I guess it going take time to beach the UK and I will have pay import duty plus a handling fee.
In the last update it stated that all of the import fees for the UK and EU have been pre-paid.

UK / EU / Canada - your order has been packaged up, and is going to be sent to our fulfillment partners in the UK or Canada (as appropriate) in a single big shipment. It can take a while to get to them, so please be patient. Once it arrives, it'll be shipped to you as quickly as possible. We'll be posting updates on Kickstarter and Twitter to keep you apprised of the progress. Customs duty / VAT on these items will be prepaid.


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Been looking into Lupin the Third games recently and came across this for a good price on ebay, there is an English NA release but no EU release outside of an Italian release which I can not find much on so I am not sure if that release includes English options or not.

The NA release is pretty pricey so I settled for the JP release, a cool little thing to add to my ever growing Lupin collection plus I have "other means" of playing the English NA release, actually looks quite a fun game.

Lupin the Third: The Legacy of the Magic King (JPN) / Treasure of the Sorcerer King (ENG) (PS2)