What did you BUY today?

Pre-ordered the standard editions of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden for PS4 from Limited Run Games.

Overall it came to $91.67 or £78.23 for anyone interested who want both shipped to the UK.

Would had loved the other editions, especially for P4G, but this is already a pricey order so settled with the standards.

I've just seen as well there is a slipcase you can order as well to hold both games but I've already made and paid for the order and I've heard LRG customer service is nothing to write home about so I'll leave it. Also from what I've heard I can expect not to see these for up to a year so will be a long wait but just glad to have physical copies of these games. For context this is my first ever order with LRG if anyone didn't guess already.
Pre-ordered Like a Dragon: Gaiden on PS5 from Play Asia. Haven’t used them in years but had some points to use before they expired, which helped lessen the tax hit a bit.
This was the thing I was referring to on Sunday in the what did you receive today thread.

Qk3GhiZ - Imgur.jpg
One used PS4 Pro which was needed to take some of the strain off my current PC more specifically for....

TEf2nSF - Imgur.jpg
Ignore the first two items there as the more important item is the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV which I now have on PS4 as well as PC, so I just have to wait for the Xbox series version that is coming early next year and I'll have plenty of non PC options for playing until I have a better PC.
Ummed and eered about getting these but decided to go for the Grimoire Editions for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden from Limited Run Games, both on NSW. Debated on getting the tat editions but the cost was too high, and excepting the soundtrack CDs didn’t justify the price tag. Also picked up the slip that houses both games.
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From Toysandfilms
AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline
Sasami and Miyano
Shadows House Season 2
The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

From Allyourmusic
Brave Father Online Final Fantasy XIV
Chika the Coffin Princess

From Amazon.
Legend of The Galactic Heroes DNT Season 3
My Dress Up Darling LE
The Eminence in the Shadow

Pushed back my Given and K-On Ultimate Edition purchase for December Haul.
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Jojo part 5 vol 1 to 8 for £72.

Persona 5 Royal and Persona 3 Portable from humble because the store discount plus the choice discount made it the better option, but I won't be installing them because steam doesn't like playing nice with the spinning rust drive where on big downloads it'll just grind to a halt requiring a pause (along with an extended wait for it to straighten itself out) and restart of the download to get it going (this only happens with steam as any other store client doesn't have these issues installing to the same hard drive).
Some beautiful clothes from Etsy as my 35th birthday is coming up and gosh darn it I'll only turn 35 once! They will arrive after my birthday but I'm still super excited! (technically I bought these yesterday evening in UK time) 🥰


  • Kawaii Pastel Bear Short Dungarees:Overalls.jpg
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  • Kawaii Pastel Harem Pants:Trousers.jpg
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Was the Purple Star the one you were looking at a few months ago? Looks really nice

Also, Happy Birthday

I got a really cute pink and white lolita dress off Ebay at some point earlier this year and a purple princessy/renfaire one from Holy Clothing (that I love but I need to make it shorter so I can wear it outside without getting it dirty 😅 ) not sure if I've seen the purple star one before, it wouldn't surprise me if I had come back to it again though! Thankyou, my birthday isn't until January but I'm starting to buy my presents now cuz these will take a while to arrive and I have the money so figured I might as well, I'm looking at some other nice things on Etsy too (all fancy clothes haha) :)
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