What did you BUY today?

I might have to give Stackry a go for this sale too. Any tips for first time users, or is it relatively straightforward to use?
Yes. Use my referral code so we both get a shipping discount:)

Sign up and get a shipping address.
Send stuff to said address
Stackry sends photos when it arrives
Fill out Customs declaration for items ordered
Choose shipping method
Wait for delivery
Alas it looks like I’ve already signed up before but thank you anyways. Looks like I’ll need to try and keep below the VAT limit if I place an order.
I didn't:)

Since you declare your own value for goods if you're willing to take the risk of losing money should the package get lost you can lower the value.

It has been mentioned elsewhere though that packages seem to slide through customs unchecked. My last one had no CN22 form or paperwork of any kind in or on the package
There hasn't been any new School-Live! merch or figures in ages and suddenly a whole lot of new stuff comes up for pre-order from Medicos Entertainment. I don't have any of the figures, as they are exceptionally rare and expensive now a days. So I ended up ordering all of the character acrylic stands, the diorama and a canvas.
Pre-ordered the deluxe edition of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as well, went with GAME for the extra steelbook. This is definitely my most anticipated upcoming game and last nights trailer was so great!
Played the demo for the upcoming Star Ocean 2 remake and really enjoyed it (my first time experiencing the series), so I decided to get Star Ocean 1, 3 and 4 from the PS5 PSN store as they're all on sale atm.