What did you BUY today?

Well given I was logged out for a few months, theres 2 things I've bought over the past 2 months I want to highlight. Yep I bought a hoodie based on the one Batgirl wears in DC Super Hero Girls. And a signed picture from Starfire/Princess Bubblegum herself (in fact the Teen Titans voice cast are doing a virtual con event next month)


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One compilation of music from a time when music was actually good and not some drivel put out by cookie cutter groups along with the original dune movie (since it only cost a total of £12 for the two).
I got these for my All-in-One PC, to hopefully be able to watch anime and YouTube videos without disturbing my parents, and without having to wear a full size headphone. Hopefully Bluetooth 5.1 is fast enough that the audio delay is negligible. The PC only has Bluetooth 4.0 built in because it's about 7 or 8 years old now, and when I tried using a Bluetooth speaker previously the delay was close to a half-second, so not really useable at all for watching video.

Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Earbud Headphones


Bluetooth 5.1 Dongle

I've got Good news I've found the kanada figure for just under 300 pounds on eBay from UK seller.brand new plus I've a sonico bunny girl on the way as well.
Uh-oh, HMV have reopened in Southampton:

Pretty big section of anime including some AL CEs, but most of it is streaming or cheaper on line.

It's moved to Below Bar where Argos used to be. It was strange having 2 Argos' so close to one another so no surprise the smaller one was the one to close.
Not been to Southampton in ages. Used to go just for Forbidden Planet but that's become crap for their manga and anime, they seem to focus on American comics now.