What did you BUY today?

I've got Good news I've found the kanada figure for just under 300 pounds on eBay from UK seller.brand new plus I've a sonico bunny girl on the way as well.
Uh-oh, HMV have reopened in Southampton:

Pretty big section of anime including some AL CEs, but most of it is streaming or cheaper on line.

It's moved to Below Bar where Argos used to be. It was strange having 2 Argos' so close to one another so no surprise the smaller one was the one to close.
Not been to Southampton in ages. Used to go just for Forbidden Planet but that's become crap for their manga and anime, they seem to focus on American comics now.
Forbidden Planet
They have rearranged a little and have an alcove of about 3/4 shelves worth, but definitely not the same amount as comics and graphic novels.
I haven't been into the centre, bar going to the Showcase, for a while myself, but had to go in for something else today which didn't take as long as I thought it would so had a little wonder around.
triple post…I’ve now booked tickets for these. My trip to London is now all sorted as I’ve already booked my hotel (Premier Inn by Tower Bridge)

wah! I want to go too... Should be a very interesting tour - Enjoy!

I still have the link to your Holmes museum photos up on a tab in my browser, I go through them every so often to see if I notice anything new I missed - a lot to look at in there! 🙂
I purchased it for $300 around 7 months ago. It was a bad decision, and the people here advised me against it, however I just shrugged and declared YOLO. Each time I log into my bank account I am unsure whether I've made the right choice or not.

Purchased what? Sorry was unclear what you were referring to from your post?
I took my grandpa and me to our local Wal-Mart to buy him the first time on Black Friday. He was looking for a $98 TV and I was looking for an laptop. Keep in mind that this Wal-Mart is a normal store , is not an "Super" Wal-Mart (yes, they are still around). I wanted a new laptop since the one I purchased for college is 8 years old. It was time to upgrade. Grandpa was looking for a TV in his bedroom. I was delighted by the orderly chaos. There was no shoving or pushing, well-organized store. We had arrived at 6 and at home in time for 7.

In spite of what you'll see on Black Friday on the news and on the internet there are still some enjoyable opportunities to shop today. My 69-year-old grandpa was of the same opinion.