What did you BUY today?

I bought the twin-pack DVD set of the live-action Gantz films I've wanted for a little while. It randomly turned up in my local HMV today.

Thanks once again to @bakum4tsu for recommending them. :D
Yes there are 2 live action movies. Since you did enjoy the series, I would advise you to watch them, they arent anything wow but if you love Gantz, you don't loose anything in watching them. I enjoy them. They are quite cheap now if you want to buy them.
Used my $50 AUD voucher from the madman screw up from their last sale to order in their current 20% sale

Mushi-shi -Next Passage- DVD

(While it is hard subbed. Its still the only legal copy in the west so I'm going to just have to live with it)
Got a copy of The Stones Roses - The Stone Roses [Vinyl] on Friday. Been away to the coast where I ended up going into Cob Records in Porthmadog, seen that shop plenty of times going down this way and I've never been in there so I popped in and picked it up as it was pretty cheap and I didn't want to blow too much money a week before RSD 2017!


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Now that I have more funds it's time for me to start getting a few things, and what better way to start it all off by trying to get as many games as possible for the PlayStation 3! The console's life cycle is slowly going away and there's still a ton of games I would like to own. Some of the games I initially planned for the console have been shifted for the PS4 versions (examples include Caladrius Blaze, Resident Evil: Revelations, Sleeping Dogs, and Under Night Re:Birth EXE). But the ones below have taken the first stage of Operation PS3 Collecting.

Stage 1 contains the following:

Catherine - Amazon US: $16.80
Atlus' puzzle game following a guy trying to wake up from a dream involving a deadly pit of doom and men in sheep suits trying to climb to the heavens. This is also the game that essentially was a demo for Persona 5's engine, but overall Atlus put a lot of effort into it that I've been meaning to pick up a physical copy for years.

Killer is Dead - Amazon UK: £19.99
One of the Suda51 games and the latest retail version in his care, Killer Is Dead intrigued me ever since it was first revealed and despite the mixed reception I still want to pick it up. The version I acquired is the Limited Edition version which probably isn't much.

Shadows of the Damned - Amazon UK: £13.74
Another one of the Suda51 games, this time involving hell and a gun that speaks (and also makes boner jokes). Like Killer is Dead, SotD is also another game that I wanted to try out and never did so the price point was about right. The US copies are also out of print which is a reason to get it sooner than later.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition - Amazon UK: £14.55
An updated remaster/remake of the Dreamcast shoot em up, I actually finished this game on the Xbox 360 via renting from LoveFilm and it's one of the few games that I wanted to own a retail copy for. The original plan was to import the Japanese release but I decided to stick with the UK version because it was cheaper and also includes the OST which is a neat bonus.

Zone of the Enders: HD Collection - Amazon US: $14.93
Like Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, I also own Zone of the Enders on the Xbox 360. However High Voltage Software, the devs who brought the game to PS3 & Xbox 360, fucked up the release. Both games may look gorgeous in high definition but the rest is a mixed reception. The reason why I'm double dipping is because the PS3 version actually received patches to fix the issue, well only The 2nd Runner got the fix but it's no big deal since it's the better sequel. The patch makes the game run in 60fps which is neat. If Konami does try for once, I hope they decide to bring the first game onto PS2 on PS4 like Naughty Dog are doing with Jak & Daxter (which also suffered issues with the HD Collection).

Drakengard 3 nearly made the cut had there been stock for the item >_<
Hopefully I don't find the game tearing me apart anytime soon :D

Also from HMV's Arrow Video sale

Dead end Drive in
The return of the killer tomatoes
Waking life
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For some inexplicable reason, I've been hunkering for some computer components. I just love installing computer components, and I have great fun tinkering and improving my machine, and it's been a good while since I installed something. Well, there was my Blu Ray drive, but that took all of 5 minutes, and that's no fun! I already have a pretty beefy Intel I7 4ghz Quad Core, so I'm pretty alright there, and I didn't really have the cash to significantly boost my GPU either, as going from my 1050 TI to even just a 1060 would cost upwards of £200. I did toy with the idea of a new case, but given I keep my PC inside the desk rather than on top, you can only see the front, so getting a super fancy case just seems like a waste.

So, after having a think, I decided to go hunting for an SSD. I've never actually had an SSD in a system before, so I'm very curious how it will speed things up. I think my PC already boots fairly quickly, definitely in under 10-15 seconds I'd say, so it'll have to really cut that down for me to be impressed. As I'm a bit tight, I nabbed an older drive off of eBay, given that SSDs are supposed to have pretty good life spans and have good durability, so I thought it was pretty low risk. I managed to get a Samsung 840 120gb for £43 and free shipping, which doesn't seem bad compared to newer Samsung SSDs. Amazon did have some Kingston 120gbs new for £50-ish, but I'm pretty sure Samsung is a better brand. Hopefully that was the right choice. Installation should be pretty easy, but transferring my install might be another story. I'll also have to see if I have some spare SATA cables kicking about, otherwise I might have to order some.


Bought a load of Arrow Video titles from HMV and Fopp using my Danmachi refund money, ended up getting ten titles and ordered five from their online store on Friday which also arrived today


And you thought there is never a Grav online
So the journey through Operation PS3 haul took a bit of a wreck due to my bank nonsense, but it's calmed down now so I can continue with the SECOND STAGE!

Stage 2 contains the following:

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection - eBay: £20
The HD remasters for Budokai 1 and Budokai 3 I really enjoyed on the Xbox 360. I finished them both but it was only a rental copy that I played. Now I finally got my hands on a physical version at a decent price since it's pretty much borderline out of print online. I already have the set now in case you ask.

Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy (Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe) - Play Asia: £42
The 30th anniversary game that triggered my bank like they were pretending to be Harmony Gold or something. Macross 30 celebrates the franchise's shows and offers a special story in this action game. It is import friendly in a similar fashion to Gundam but regardless this is noted to be the best Macross game.

Phantom Breaker: Extra - Solaris Japan: £17
An updated version of the fighting game initially released on Xbox first, Phantom Breaker is developed by 5pb and apparently also includes Makise Kurisu as a DLC character. This version offers the following: re-balanced gameplay, new characters, new techniques, new "Extra" fighting style, new stages, renewed background effects, and an online spectator mode.

Shining Resonance - Solaris Japan: £22
If there's one Japanese RPG series that should have gotten some attention in the recent years it's the Shining franchise. While many will be familiar with Shining Force back in the 80s-90s era, nowadays SEGA's RPG franchise has barely touched the west at all. Shining Resonance is the latest instalment in the long running franchise and has an Action RPG Tales like gameplay so I wanted to check it out. Like EX Troopers, gameplay is import friendly while story requires knowledge. There are guides available online.

And because...


PaRappa the Rapper - Solaris Japan: £17
Sony only offered a physical release for Japan and Asia, and while it sounds weird to pickup the Japanese release the music is actually in English across all versions. It was cheap also.
Since my brother and I decided to grab a Multi Region blu-ray player for the back room (@NormanicGrav's fault entirely for convincing us), I decided to order Discotek's Actually, I Am bluray. I also stuck a preorder in for the upcoming Lupin III bluray they're releasing. Both through WOWHD.
can anyone who has gotten that Blu-ray player tell me what its PQ is like? I've been told the device has a sharpen feature you cannot turn off so was curious what that does to the PQ.


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Well, today has not been a fun day. A few days ago, I decided to buy a really nice looking computer case I saw in a Linus Tech Tips video. Fast forward to today, and it arrived. It took me a few hours but I took all my hold hardware out of my old case and put it in my new one, managed all the cabling nicely and then powered it on and ... nothing! There was 0 power going to the PC. After hours and hours of troubleshooting, including rewrireing my front IO 3 times, changing screws around, putting it back in the old cast, and shorting my PSU, I finally found out that, somehow, I think I killed my motherboard in the process of transferring everything over. I am honestly gutted. The cast was already a rather hefty £85, and not I've had to buy another motherboard and some thermal paste for when I transfer the CPU over, which cost around £45. Now, I am just assuming that's going to magically fix everything. If that doesn't work, I am genuinely stumped. My biggest dear is probably buying this new motherboard, it not working, and then the fix being something I could've done without dumping almost fifty quid on new complements. Needless to say, I am rather pissed.
Could be a short from improper standoff grounding. Take everything out of the case and try it on a table/ other non conductive surface and see if you HAVE managed to fry something before ruling out an issue with the case itself


Captain Karen
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Could be a short from improper standoff grounding. Take everything out of the case and try it on a table/ other non conductive surface and see if you HAVE managed to fry something before ruling out an issue with the case itself
How do I turn it on without the case? I can't short it because the 24 pin needs to be hooked up.