What are you thinking about now??


State Alchemist
BlackWolf said:
ayase said:
devilrules666 said:
about having sex with my girlfriend! which will happen very soon tonight!
I didn't WANT to KNOW that.

::stabs fork into hand::
Why did you stab it into your hand? surely you could just stabbed it into your eye :p
But I'd already seen. You can guess what I'm "thinking about right now" >_<


:lol: ah forunately/unfortunatly i don't have that problem instead i'm trying not to think of cute girls going mental and trying to kill me...


State Alchemist
Whaddaya know? You can get both in one convenient package:
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The Boss
dinner and if I will be all right to go watch madagascar tomorrow.

>>Xel<< said:
What I should do for my birthday in 2 weeks - I'm such a boring so-and-so XS
One more week to go, isn't it? don't tell me your birthday is on christmas day?