What are you thinking about now??


Title says it all really. What are you thinking about right now??

Im thinking about what im gonna be doing later today and how this album is totally kick ass.


Currently thinking about how i'm going to see the new batman film with my girlfriend on tuesday, except to the lamest ass cinema ever.


Spyro201 said:
BlackWolf said:
Thinking about the current quality of my new avatar -_- ah well it was a good idea at the time

Draw it yourself??

I wish, its from a Tsukihime art book i brought back in jan, from the characters introduction phase, it looks good in the book but then i guess it could be my scanner


Kireek said:
Still thinking about crunchyroll from 12 hours ago I have come up with many devious ways to firebomb there offices.

You really need to find something new to rant about. This crunchyroll thing is old.

Im just thinking about what to do- Not much around here really this time of day.