What are you thinking about now??

Shadow Cat

Thousand Master
How I'm trying to socialize a bit more even though I'm very nervous and how sad this anime I'm watching is.

^Always best to enjoy Anime without worrying what people think.

As for being social/not nervous... Can't help with that one :)


I'm thinking about how messed up works going to be for the rest of the year... and how nice it is to not be dumped in at the deep end for a change :) I might actually have a relaxing 6 weeks


Completely Average High School Student
How I'm too lazy to write a proper review for the two anime I'm finishing, Blood+ and Monogatari SS. Ugh.

Might just write a few lines and be done with it, much as I've enjoyed myself. 😴😴


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How I should really post here more again, how I can feel the tension off my coworkers as we enter more unknown territory with everything happening but we're doing our best, how I really need to watch Sorry To Bother You on Netflix... and food