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Typical wait for ages, finally give up and import and they get released, at least I still need Shomin sample, as for the rest at least I got them cheap from secondspin.

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This is one time I'm glad to be living in the USA (because our country has enough s**t going on). At least we get anime uncensored and not dictated from a censorship board from the '20s.

But, I'm not gonna watch those kind of shows- doesn't have good writing.


The MPAA can be stricter than the BBFC but due to freedom of speech you can't ban releases like you can here. And the video act is a thatcher 80s relic from the scare of Video Nasties.
The public also support the BBFC so it ain’t going anywhere and most people have said that Yuri crossed the line anyway especially some of OAVs.
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Whether or not their existence is necessary is debatable, but I don't think there's any doubt that the BBFC are extremely adept at what they do and also refreshingly transparent about their decision making. They really have bent over backwards in recent years to get films like In the Realm of the Senses passed uncut - their case study for that one might give you a newfound respect for them! I think they're better at what they do than the MPAA.

I wouldn't expect or want a Member of Parliament to stand up in the House of Commons and argue that something illegal like, I assume, the content under discussion here should be acceptable or even that the horse falls in Heaven's Gate or Andrei Rublev should be acceptable


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And tbh anime should stop its obsession with sexualising teenagers who usually look younger than they are

Pretty much this, I've never understood that obsession with loli's. It wouldn't take much to make characters a bit older. I genuinely hope Funimation doesn't submit Hybred Heart to the BBFC. I don't think it would ever get a rating.


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Yeah and these titles don’t have Sony on their packaging
With Funi stating they want to expand globally, hopefully they will have some UK staff handle their releases in future instead of Sony. If this is the case we may see an uptick in their releases again.

Considering its Manga handling the theatrical run of MHA is wouldn't surprise me if they are back handling the Funi releases in a similar deal to how they distribute Kaze releases.