Upcoming UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Artwork


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Dragon Ball Z Double Feature - TV Specials: The History of Trunks & Bardock the Father of Goku
Available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo this April
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012 series): Complete Series
Available on Blu-ray this April
Occultic;Nine: Volume 1
Available on Blu-ray & DVD this April



Straw Hat Pirate
I kind of appreciated it's overly quirky Dutch angles for every scene and the 6th sense style 'gotcha' in the first half. You're right though, it did seem to get itself into a bit of a mess later on. At least there's an alternative to the Aniplex release now.
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Straw Hat Pirate
An MVM artcase without BBFC and MVM logos printed on them? Has the dream become real or is it just the back of the case?
Was just about to say this.

The JP version used a blu-ray case too, and being in the anti digipak camp, release looks pretty good.


Death Scythe
Not that the Hyouka one would look so bad, but somehow it doesn't match how Part 1's inner case had the Japanese artbox covers. This one matches more the outer box's design holding both parts. ôo