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Thousand Master
I genuinely think everyone should at least try the first and last episodes of the first season of Kinmoza, they're a bit different to the rest of the show (and each other) and kind of uniquely awesome. I'm not saying everyone will love them, but they're worth experiencing. I think the main part of the last episode is mostly in the second half and it'd probably be stronger for watching the rest of the show but I think it'd work well enough without seeing the whole thing.

If I remember correctly, the last episode is also the one with the handpuppets, which feels like it could use it's own spinoff (or at least appear in more episodes). I suppose that's kind of what Best Student Council was about though.

First peek of the Gurren Lagann Collector's Edition with an unboxing coming next week. Looks good to me, kinda pissed off that I'm buying this show again after being ripped off by their Ultimate Edition but meh, I guess it's only £30.... I may even be able to sell that UE for a little more than that, if I can be bothered anyway.
It's gonna sell like crazy. The animation is superb, reminds me of Gunbuster, same studio I believe. The show plus 2 movies CE at that price may be the deal of the year.
If this is Gurren Lagann, I suspect most interested parties will have brought either the UE or the standard edition. There will probably be a lot of double buys though.


Mad Scientist
I don't really see the Gurren Laggann UE as being ripped off. Yes, it was comparatively poor to the later UEs, and of pretty shoddy quality all things considered - but it was clearly a step in a long learning process toward the far higher quality product we get now. Without it, we wouldn't be where we are now.


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Eden of the East: Complete Series & Movies (Collector's Edition Blu-ray)

Slightly tweaked version that now displays a modified version of the slipcover spine and the display of the films alongside the TV series. Date on Amazon is still listed as February 20th.