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After Re:Zero which people said was amazing and I found meh I now pass on all Issekai. And even if I loved those I would no doubt think there are too many as god there is.
And smartphone and death march both sound like what hell in anime form is
I found Re:Zero to be very good, rated it 8/10 (closer to 9 than 7).

Isekei is usually at least fun to watch, the Familiar of Zero, the Ambition of Oda Nobuna, Overlord and the likes. But there sure are a lot.
I just hate all the tropes in them the MC is OP af and they are usually very very sexist
I now pass on all Issekai
I thought you were watching SAO this season 😜
I agree though from what I've heard (and seen with SAO which I started watching when I only had a Netflix subscription), so have avoided any others. Although I have missed the few I've heard good things about (Log Horizon, Re:Zero and No Game, No Life).
Death March was the absolute average Isekai anime. It hits the majority of the tropes (fantasy world that the MC knows from real world, over-powered MC, harems) while being completely lacking in having its own hook. However, dispite some fanservicey stuff, it wasn't stupid or offensive. Its just a shame it took its entire only anime run to set up the characters and we never got to see any of the wider world.

It doesn't hold a candle to Slime, which at least has a unique MC with a personality, or have any of the grimness or cliffhangers like Re:Zero, or the realism or beautiful art of Grimgar.
Talking of No Game, No Life does it matter which way round I watch Zero. Obviously it's a prequel, but was made after the main show. I'm thinking of watching them after my re-watch of APFTTU as it's the same writer/director team.
It's no longer upcoming but it is recent and it passed me by until now - Blu-Ray release of Yoshiyuki Tomino's seminal masterpiece Invincible Super Man Zambot 3, restored in 2K from original film elements

No way we'll ever get something as gorgeous as that, but I'm certainly going to be begging Discotek every month for this now


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It's nice as an extra for some shows it fits to through. Kaze France release Ghost Hound in two half sets and then repacked the same thing in another box (with rubber bands to close it) which got a lenticular attached to it as a cover. The box is pretty questionable in terms to durability and ergonomics, but the lenticular is kind of nice. (And it's removable, so it could also just stay with the half sets as an extra.) In case of GH the lenticular effects fit quite well with the atmophere of the show.
PET gets yellowed with time. It's a terribly bad & cheap plastic. I don't get why they like this.
I'd strongly prefer having thin cardboard box rather than this ****.
Lol, I have my entire anime collection stored inside clear PET box protectors, the same as what is used for steelbook protection - any Bluray or DVD set less than 20 mm wide in my collection I have covered - about 500 of them so far. 👍

😱 Oops, looks like I missed two sets on that lower shelf! Ha, I just had run out of the proper size for those at the time - they're both covered now. It's actually time for me to order about another two hundred protectors; they come in 5 different widths for Blurays, and two for DVDs.

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