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That comment about Leawo Player- is it just about the screenshots or is watching with that player also making it look less nice? oo
I just checked and Leawo Player also alter the Gamma/brightness during playback.
It's definitly a very bad player, unless you don't care about correct colors, if possible try using anything else, and never take screenshoots with that player.


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Heh, I'm still trying to sell my DVD set of it. Gave up in the middle of the second episode because of the repeatedly obnoxious "Screaming Chibi's" I detest so much in anime, that is supposed to pass for comedy but is anything but. gah!
I'm having the French DVD box for years now... It's among the first subbed anime I had watched, in Japanese class to boot, but the teacher only had volume 1 holding 4 episodes and I've been stuck on the number for about a decade now.
As for screaming Chibis, well, that's more like a Shoujo Anime stock trope. There have been far worse out there.

The US set is censored though? What did this show have to censor? oo
(The manga had some somewhat questionable stuff later on, but the anime never got as far as that afaik.)


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Peppermint's package design works at its best again!

It's very close to the japanese LE on first sight, with the box, the artbook and the soundtrack there but then.... they made the digipack shorter than the artbook. The spine looks so weird. ... Oh wait! It's not a digipack. Just an amaray with a slipcover.
While that would have been at least a really nice idea to have more artwork below the slip they did what? Put the title logos onto the amaray sleeve both inside and outside, both sides the same except one side has the rating logo printed on.
At the very least those rating logos are removable and none of those laurel-ads advertising their own theatre showings.

... But of course the regular edition appears to be business as usual.
super thin digipack in cardbox sleeve and of course with their laurel ad.

Though both of them are definitely a deal smaller than the Japanese LE.
Well, there goes my plan for mixed releases after I got the first japanese edition for a lucky price. Also doesn't look like frankensteining movie 2 and 3 into the first jp box being too feasible.
Any plans for a MVM or AUS release already out? =X