UK Anime Release Schedule -Updated-


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Anime Limited Q2 New Listings

Part 1 Collector's Edition Combo Pack
Episodes 1-7 ~ SRP £34.99 ~ May 29th 2017

Part 1 Standard Edition DVD
Episodes 1-7 ~ SRP £19.99 ~ May 29th 2017

Complete Series Collector's Edition Blu-ray
Episodes 1-12 ~ SRP £59.99 ~ May 29th 2017

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Complete Series Standard Edition Blu-ray
Episodes 1-24 ~ SRP £39.99 ~ April 3rd 2017

Outlaw Star
Complete Series Standard Edition Blu-ray
Episodes 1-26 ~ SRP £34.99 ~ May 8th 2017

Persona 3 the Movie -#4 Winter of Rebirth-
Film Collector's Edition Combo Pack
Film ~ SRP £34.99 ~ June 4th 2017

Persona 3 the Movie -#4 Winter of Rebirth-
Film Standard Edition DVD
Film ~ SRP £19.99 ~ June 4th 2017

Pigtails & Other Shorts
Film Collection Standard Edition Combo Pack
Multiple Titles ~ SRP £24.99 ~ April 24th 2017

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack & Pinto
OVA Collection Standard Edition DVD
Multiple Titles ~ SRP £14.99 ~ May 29th 2017

More to come presumably.


AUKN Staff
I'd imagine we'll see Castle Town Dandelion, Chaos Dragon & Rolling Girls but down the route of a Funi standard release.

Comet Lucifer & Plastic Memories could pop up too. A Gundam or two should be slotted in at some point. Can't see much else other than maybe Nadesico being part of Q2.

EDIT: K or Silver Spoon are possibilities too I think.

Lord Bacchus

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On the Anime Limited release schedule you have Full Metal Panic series 1 and Second Raid listed for March 6th, but there is also a Collector's Box Set with all three series coming out on the same day that's exclusive to the All The Anime store.


AUKN Staff
To add to the above:

- Both seasons of Amagami SS on both formats (Season 1 - May 15th, Season 2 - June 19th)
- Standard edition of Berserk on Blu-Ray (April 17th)
- Standard editions of Serial Experiments Lain on both formats (March 27th)
- Second half of Owarimonogatari on both formats (May 22nd)
- Little Busters Season 2 on both formats - (May 8th)
- Little Busters OVA on both formats - (June 5th)
Just got an email from Amazon stating that Overlord has been delayed until June 12th. Not surprised seeing as no pack shots etc have been seen yet and it was supposed to be out in 3 weeks.