UK Anime Release Schedule -Updated-

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  1. bakum4tsu

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    There use to be a thread long time ago that let users known when the Anime Schedule menu was updated with some new content. Since i'm helping with it, I will update this thread everytime I update the calendar with some new licenses and releases dates.

    So yesterday I've updated the Calendar with the new license Perfect Blue which is coming out in October in DVD and BD.

    Their licenses like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Voices of a Distant Star, were updated with a proper release date too.

    I think the rest is up-to-date guys.

    If you see something not correct, just let me know.

    Rui's edit: The full schedule is currently located here.
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  2. Shiroi Hane

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    Mon, 6th May 2013
    Bodacious Space Pirates: Part 2 | MVM Films

    Mon, 13th May 2013
    Mayo Chiki! | MVM Films

    Mon, 20th May 2013
    Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls | MVM Films

    Mon, 24th Jun 2013
    Kids on the Slope (Blu-Ray) | MVM Films
    Kids on the Slope (DVD) | MVM Films
    Panty And Stocking With Garter Belt (Blu-Ray) | Manga Ent.

    Mon, 1st Jul 2013
    Grave Of The Fireflies (Combo) | Canal
    Iria: Zeiram The Animation | MVM Films
    Kiki's Delivery Service (Combo) | Canal

    Mon, 16th Sep 2013
    Dragon Ball Z Season 9 | Manga Ent.

    Mon, 14th Oct 2013
    Place Promised in our Early Days / Voices of a Distant Star Twin Pack (DVD) | Anime Ltd
    Place Promised in our Early Days / Voices of a Distant Star Twin Pack (Blu-Ray) | Anime Ltd
    Perfect Blue (DVD) | Anime Ltd
    Perfect Blue (Blu-Ray) | Anime Ltd

    Coming Soon:
    009 RE:Cyborg (DVD) | Anime Ltd
    009 RE:Cyborg (Blu-Ray) | Anime Ltd
    Fairy Tail: Box Set 2 | Manga Ent.
    Fairy Tail Movie | Manga Ent.
    Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 1-4 (Blu-Ray) | Manga Ent.
    Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 1-4 (DVD) | Manga Ent.
    K-On!! - Series 2, Part 2 | Manga Ent.
    K-On!! - Movie | Manga Ent.
    Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Blu-Ray) | Manga Ent.
    Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (DVD) | Manga Ent.
    Nisemonogatari (Blu-ray) | MVM Films
    Nisemonogatari (DVD) | MVM Films
    Penguindrum: Part 2 (DVD) | Manga Ent (Kaze UK Sublicense)

    PS: My understanding is that Manga is a distributor for Kaze, not a sub-licensee.
  3. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    I believe "K" is also scheduled for release over here too. I swear Kaze said that at one of the last expos.
  4. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Thanks for the help. Everything was correct besides Iria which is from MVM and I'm not sure if the license Anime Ltd got for 009 Re: Cyborg is for distribution too. I think they will do it for sure but at the time they announce it, it was only for cinema I think. Anyway, I've add it to schedule too. ;)

    Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine was there too but not metioning dvd or db cause i dont think manga uk has confirmed anything yet about it.

    I thought everything was almost updated but guess not lol Everything is ok now i think, that was a bit of work but now everyone cause use it. 8)
  5. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    Fixed my copy&paste error there.

    I put 009 on my list as I saw it confirmed, although I don't remember where. I've specifically got it marked down as Q4.
    Likewise for Lupin III - I wouldn't have separated it into DVD and BD on my own list without reason, and I have it specifically listed as a TMS license (which usually relies on box art so this must have been stated by Manga).

    Checking against your calendar I did find I had a couple of things down for 2012 instead of 2013 ^^;

    Hunting for sources....
    "Anime Limited is very pleased to announce the acquisition of home video, digital and theatrical rights for RE:CYBORG-009 in the UK and Republic of Ireland." - ... -recyborg/
    "Theatrical release Q2 2013, coming to DVD and Blu Ray Q4 2013" -

    "Lupin III: A Woman Named Fujiko Mine - Takeshi Koiike's visually striking and darker reboot of the Lupin III franchise will be released as a DVD and Blu-Ray complete collection in the third quarter of 2013." -
  6. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Thanks, I've added those 2 details from 009 and Lupin.
  7. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Updated with the 2 new licenses from MVM Films:

    Ef: Tale or Memories
    Ef: Tale of Melodies
  8. manga_addicted95

    manga_addicted95 Kiznaiver

    black lagoon: roberta's blood trail is coming soon as well, form kaze if i'm not mistaken
  9. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Is that confirmed in the uk? Im not sure about it to be honest. I know that is coming from Funimation late this year but not sure about Kaze. Hope so to be honest but since I have the series from Funi, i might as well as get Roberta too. The dvds have an amazing quality, it was a great surprise since the series is from 2006 I bought the set with dvd and bd included that came out late last year.
  10. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member

    Kaze announced it with the Series release, and indeed released it in Europe along with the series Blu-rays. They've been waiting on the English dub for a UK release ever since.
  11. manga_addicted95

    manga_addicted95 Kiznaiver ... u-Ray.html
    depending on whther or not a release date by kaze is given, i may just import funimation's release anyway, i have the old mvm dvd's of the series, i might just switch for the funi bd/dvd combo, the price is really good for that anyway
  12. Tind

    Tind Dandy Guy, in Space

    Nisemonogatari is in the list, but where is Bakemonogatari ?
  13. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    I have that combo from funi. Worth the price compared to the uk version.

    Bakemono is already in the specific release dates.
  14. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master


    Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will of Fire (DVD and Blu-Ray)
    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 and 2 (Blu-Ray)
  15. Shiroi Hane

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    Penguindrum part 2 is 19th August. IIRC Jerome provided the date via Twitter.

    Cat Planet Cuties has supposedly been delayed till 08/07/2013, although I'm unsure of the source.
  16. Kaede

    Kaede Adventurer

    Any news on Fujiko Mine to iu onna?
  17. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Thanks I have updated Penguindrum. Regarding Cat Planet Cuties, I will leave it for now, amazon and up1 are saying june for now. I'll check it later.

    As far as I know, there is no news about it yet.
  18. VoxPhantom

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    The delay until 8th July is correct - see the text at 33:00 on the latest MangaUK Podcast page:
  19. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    Beat me to it - I finally got around to listening to the podcast last night ^^;
  20. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Ok thanks :D