UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

Sadly I was also eligible, and I talked myself into buying Quintessential Quintuplets season 2 and Sing A Bit Of Harmony (total of £26.79).

This promise to not buy any more anime until Christmas isn't going well at all!
Looks like the last DotW for Chidori was end 2021 / start 2022, so 1 year and 9 months ago (or 21 months, if you prefer).
That’s less than a fifth of an episode per month. Or 5 months per episode.
At 1/3rd of the 12-ep series, perhaps in another 42 months we can have a final verdict on if it’s worth buying for the DotW then. 😬
My head hurts lookin at it that way🤣