UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

I also went for Spider-Man 2, as I also had some birthday vouchers remaining. Would have gone for P3R but I’ve got the Aigis Edition on order from
MVM DOTW updated to Busou Shinki for £4.99

Another one I’ve already got.
But if you can immediately profit by flogging them to CEX & co, I’d conclude that’s a decent price in case you want to try without risk.
Not just those two series. Rarewaves is currently holding an up to 50% off sale on Crunchyroll DVDs and Blu-rays.
Anime Offers

Noticed that. Went through and clicked everything that looked promising into my basket. Then went through and took all the isekai out, and the titles that I already had, then a click through ANN's ratings to weed out anything that looked like it sucked...

Wound up buying Horimiya (already have Slime Diaries)
Thanks for posting about Rarewaves.

Some really good prices.
I wasn't going to buy Black Summoner as it's £40 and a 12 but I will for £17.
Astra Lost in Space for £10.
I've been waiting ages for Hellsing Ultimate to be that cheap. Although I did prefer the first season.

And a couple of others.
Just did some googling and the Zavvi anime 50% sale only looks to be till " Ends: 03 Oct 2023 12:00 BST"

and yeah not sure Amazon will match zavvi with it being code based
Maybe some of the rarewaves one