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Takei Daloui

Straw Hat Pirate
At this point you are best saving your money too. The Halloween sale is just a backlog discount, which normally is good but in a bit over a month those items might be far cheaper. 12 Days of Christmas just loves to consume all your money.


Za Warudo
Question for the non-UK buyers who have bought from Zavvi this year:

Have you gotten charged for tax/VAT when you ordered from Zavvi after Brexit?

I made a bigger order from them this year, and they sent all the products separately, so I got charged like 10 times the VAT and postage handling fees individually.

Had to deal with customer service for weeks which felt like a "good cop, bad cop" back and forth discussion with different customer service agents.

I ordered from there after Brexit because their website says this:

Which to me read as "don't worry, we'll pay all taxes and duties for you" at the time. I thought they're operating similarly to Amazon, but that didn't seem to be the case.

When it comes to movies and media, I think Zavvi has always posted them from Guernsey or somewhere outside the EU's economic area in the past 10+ years. So their packages could sometimes get taxed, but extremely rarely for me.

Knowing Zavvi's past helps to understand the keywords:
"place orders as usual" = we'll still send from Guernsey
"most of our products will ship from... EU" = but our movies and media still comes from Guernsey
"any products shipping from the UK... tax and duties will be settled" = if we happen to send something from our UK warehouse, don't worry about taxes - in every other case do

Am I wrong?

But could also be that after Brexit the post office here is screening every single package with extra care and every package from UK has been taxed for me without fail. Not necessarily so from other countries.
I've had pleny arrive since with no additional charges. Are you buying from the UK region? Use an EU one like Ireland or Netherlands when buying.


Za Warudo
Good to know. Always ordered from It was only recently that I discovered that they have regional websites, but wasn't sure if they make any difference or if they were just auto-translated websites to get more customers. Not all of the sites seem to share all the offers and stock.

I ordered Evangelion from an EU site, so I'm hoping for the best.
Yeah, sometimes you get oddities like the current manga deal. The code works and all the titles are available but the list of titles is broken on the Irish site.