UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

Did see that....made an offer overnight. At £ responce....dunno why people put best offer on if they dont respond... Strange.... So i just hit the buy it now option.. No point losing out for the sake of £2.. As i offered £18
As someone who occasionally sells people don't see the best offer immediately dude. Especially when they might be out celebrating new years.
I think that’s missing the ova ‘prequel’?
Which means I’m now wondering if there’s an English-friendly way of getting that, or if to import from Japan…
It was bundled with the Manga in Japan so its not possible to get in English and I gave up trying to find a JP copy

Oddly the OVA is in the French Bluray lol

Edit for anyone interested in watching the OVA, its a prequel in terms of [it happened before the main series] but it should be watched as Episode 13
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Pretty sure that offer has been around for a long while now. Not much on offer and the prices are hit or miss (some are on par with UP1).

I only got the e-mail this morning, so it's either new, or HMV are worried that I'm not spending enough. I briefly thought the prices looked reasonable-ish, until I saw that they were DVDs. Still, maybe it's good for someone...
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I'm still hoping (My wallet probably isn't) that Zavvi does its usual sale that it does around this sort of time for Manga/funimation, with something like 2 o £25 or 40% off. And Zavvi usually has a better selction and a decent amount of Blu-rays over HMV.
A few things I've noticed on Amazon

Fairy Gone Season 1 Part 1 £12.79
Fairy Gone Season 1 Part 2 £14.25
Azur Lane Season 1 £16.99
Steins;Gate 0 Part 1 £14.64
Steins;Gate 0 Part 2 £12.79
Steins;Gate The Movie £9.37

Update: Also spotted Star Blazers 2202 Parts 1 & 2 for £14.25 each
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I wonder if that means Zavvi is preparing its sale and amazon is jumping in before hand. but those prices maybe close to what we might get for zavvi any way (depending if it's a 40% off or 2 for £25)
i think this is just a thing that happened slowly over the last couple weeks, i know the Steins;gate movie and Azurlane have been slowly dropping

on the subject of Azurlane, would anyone recommend it or is it garbage?
on the subject of Azurlane, would anyone recommend it or is it garbage?
It has a few good episodes but overall pretty "Fine"

I rated Kancolle a 8, Azur Lane 7 not that means much

I think this uses the same disks as Funi US. If so then its censored so not much different vs Crunchyroll
Zavvi is currently showing the Re:Zero Part 2 CE with the art box as "in stock" for £39.99. The page for the product itself re directs to the home page but the quick buy button will put it into your basket.

Odd to see this pop back up, if you are looking for it it might be worth a chance.

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Blue Exorcist S2 Vol1 and Vol 2 BR £8.59 each

Sasamisan@Ganaranai BR £10.01

Beyond The Boundary BR £9.69